How to Enrol Online


Your enrolment and personal details are controlled in the Self-Enrolment function of the Enrolment portal.

Accessing the portal

  1. Login to MyUNE; under the MyEnrol tab (or 'Enrol' if you are a new student), enter your enrolment portal.

    MyUNE page showing tabs labelled Home, my Study, myEnrol,Account, myLibrary, and myAssist The myEnrool tab is highlighted, and beneath is a level 2 heading of "Enrolment Portal", followined by text saying A"ll of your enrolment information is now managed in the Enrolment Portal. Once you open your portal, you can navigate to all of the below functions and more, without returning to MyUNE." and a large button link labelled "OPEN YOUR ENROLMENT PORTAL"

  2. Once in the enrolment portal, access Self-Enrolment via the home page link or menu item under Course Details.

    Enrolment dashboard screen indicating the location of links to Self-enrolment in under Course Details in the Navigation menu and the fourth tile link in the main content area

  3. Progress through the enrolment steps in order to ensure you enter all required information, until you reach the final 'Units' step, where you will select and save your units.

  4. Your enrolment is not complete until you complete checkout and save your unit selections

TIP: You can use the navigation menu at any time to access other enrolment functions such as personal details, invoices, unit results history, without returning to MyUNE.

Selecting units

Unit enrolment works like a shopping cart - you will need to:

  1. search for units,
  2. select the desired offering for each unit, then
  3. add them to your unit cart;
  4. proceed to the checkout step,
  5. check your selection, and
  6. save your unit selections to finalise your enrolment

Please note: you will not be enrolled until you have completed checkout and seen a confirmation message that your unit enrolment has been saved.

Step 4. My Unit - Receipt., above large green tick in circle and message "Unit Enrolment successfully saved."

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