How to Enrol Online

  • Contact:
  • Student Success
  • 02 6773 2000

New enrolment interface

From June this year, we introduced a new interface for enrolling online, designed to make it much easier to maintain your enrolment.

What changed:

  • Mobile friendly – you can complete your enrolment on phone, tablet, or laptop without breaking things
  • How it looks – we’ve brought the interface into the 21st Century
  • Navigation – consistent internal menu means you can move around between enrolment functions, so you won’t get stuck or lost in the process
  • No more ‘confirm’ step – the Unit enrolment cart is now a single-step checkout
  • Improved Accessibility – We’ve made adaptability a priority, so if you’re using assistive technology like a screen reader, the new interface is far more usable than anything we’ve had before -0 and we're still making improvements.

If you experience issues using the system, you can check AskUNE for instructions, or contact Student Success.