Graduation Day


Graduands attending their Ceremony must register on the day and be assigned a seat number.

Registration can be completed at the clearly marked tables in the northern courtyard, just past the Campus Essentials arcade and is located a short distance from the UNE Life Academic Gown Hire collection.

For morning ceremonies registration is open from 8:00 am to 9:45 am

For afternoon ceremonies registration is open from 1:00 pm to 2:15pm

Graduands must not leave the campus once they have registered – not even to go home or back to their hotel to change.

Dress code

Academic dress must be worn by every graduand, and can be ordered through UNE Life Graduation Services.

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal event. Men should wear long sleeves and tie, trousers and shoes. The tie will assist in securing the graduation hood. A jacket is optional according to your preferences and the weather. Women should wear appropriate day wear sufficient to allow the hood to be secured comfortably around the neck, and to avoid clothing 'riding up' due to the weight of the hood hanging behind you. As the ceremony is outdoors and on the lawns, thin heels are not advised.


For Graduation Ceremonies held indoors, inside Lazenby Hall, there are no limits to the number of guests allowed per graduand. However, seating inside Lazenby Hall is limited. In the event that seating capacity is reached, live stream venues are located nearby and additional guests will be invited to enjoy the ceremony at these locations. Guest seating is not reserved.

Disabled and elderly guests may be dropped off (and collected) at a pre-arranged located behind Lazenby Hall. Safety & Security personnel will be available to assist these guests. As a graduand, to arrange for your disabled or elderly guests to have access to this drop off service, please contact the Graduation Team via AskUNE so that we can arrange to provide your name (i.e. the graduand's name) to Safety & Security personnel. Your guests will just need to mention your name to personnel and they will be allowed to drive up closer to Lazenby Hall. Please note that this is a drop off point only and that parking is not permitted behind Lazenby Hall.

Guests must remain in the guest seating area, and are not permitted to be in the area reserved for graduating students, official UNE photographers, graduation staff, and/or other official guests.


Special Event Parking is usually opened especially for Graduation days to allow for the higher volume of vehicles, and shuttle buses normally operate from these areas to locations that are only a short walk to Booloominbah, where the ceremonies are held.

Shuttle buses will make regular rounds to all event carparks, to and from the Northern carpark, dropping off near the graduation Registration tent. Following the ceremony, shuttle buses will run to return guests to the event parking locations.

Additionally, to park in purple visitor parking bays on weekdays, you will need to purchase a parking coupon. There is no need to pay for parking on weekends. For more information about visitor parking, please visit the Campus Information parking webpage.

The ceremony

The morning ceremony begins at 10:30 am sharp and, for this to occur, we ask that all graduands be seated by 10:15 am at the latest in their assigned seat number.

The afternoon ceremony begins at 3:00 pm sharp and, for this to occur, we ask that all graduands be seated by 2:45 pm at the latest in their assigned seat number.

Those graduating must remain seated for the duration of the Ceremony. The Ceremony lasts approximately two hours and, as it is held outside, graduands and their guests are advised to bring sunscreen and a drink.

Order of Proceedings

  • After the Chancellor has opened the proceedings, the Chancellor will ask the Vice-Chancellor to present any candidates for the award of degrees honoris causa. The Occasional Address will then be delivered. There will be a five-minute musical interlude.
  • After the musical interlude, the Chair of the Academic Board rises and says to the Chancellor, the graduands now standing:
  • The Chancellor responds, and the graduands remain standing: "In the name of the Council and by my authority as Chancellor I admit these candidates to their respective degrees and awards."
  • The graduates are now asked to be seated. The Chair of the Academic Board then reads out the attributes of the New England Award and acknowledges those present who are receiving the award.
  • Awards are then presented to the candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, the candidates for the Masters Degrees, Graduate Diplomas, Graduate Certificates, Bachelor degrees, and Diplomas/Certificates . All graduands should acknowledge the Chancellor on presentation, by doffing their caps. Only the names of the graduands in attendance are called out at the ceremony.
  • At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Esquire Bedell will lead the Chancellor and the academic procession from the dais. Graduates are asked to stand as the procession leaves, joining in the procession to follow the academics.
Adverse weather

In the event of wet or inclement weather, the Graduation Ceremony will be moved indoors to Lazenby Hall. This decision will be made on the morning of the ceremony and will be announced on the Student Support Team's blog, the Insiders' Guide.

In the event that Lazenby Hall reaches capacity, we have prepared a live stream site in a nearby lecture theatre (Somerville Lecture Theatre) for guests to watch the ceremony comfortably, and our graduation ushers will be available to direct/assist guests to this site.

Transport on campus

Free buses will be in operation on the day to transport graduands and their guests from the special event parking to the Gown Hire and Registration venues located in the northern courtyard.

A shuttle bus will also operate to accommodate graduands and guests with special needs, it will pick up from the special event parking area and drop off behind Lazenby Hall.