For more information on network services for students, please select from the options below, where a brief overview of each option is outlined:

Information and instructions on how to connect to the UNE wireless network
Information for students who are living in college and would like to access the network
Information related to accessing LAB

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any questions.

Copyright infringement.  It's not cool! It's a responsibility!

The University provides students with access to computer systems and facilities for academic purposes.

Students are bound by the Rules for Use of UNE Computing and Communication Facilities. Copyright infringement is misconduct!


  • assume that you are entitled to download everything you can access on the web. Some material may be on the web without the copyright owner's permission
  • use any Torrent or Illegal File Sharing services (i.e. Kickass, PirateBay,  TOR)
  • without the permission of the owner of copyright post music or other files to University websites
  • transfer music or other files to friends and family via the university network (by email or file share)
  • distribute illegally downloaded media via CD or USB drives. This includes text books!
  • use University equipment or the computer networks to download, redistribute or copy unauthorised files

A copy of the Information and Communication Technology Facilities and Services Rule is available through the UNE Policy webpage, in the UNE handbook, or from the ITD Service Desk.

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