Register for the New England Award

The New England Award works on a points system where each activity undertaken is worth a certain number of 'NEA points'. To receive the New England Award you have to accrue 1000 NEA points.

Getting started

MyNEA is a web-based records management system into which you record your:

  • personal details
  • New England Award activities
  • extra curricular activities
  • skills developed from your activities
  • achievements and highlights of your university experience.

There's a list of 'standard' activities with established NEA point allocated for accrual when you participate in the activity. If you would like to participate in an activity not in the provided list of standard activities, please see 'customised activity' information below.

What you need to know


Register for the New England Award by using your UNE username and password.

Then, use your username and password for future logins and to manage your account by adding activities etc.

Plan your activities

Within MyNEA, you can browse the NEA list by clicking on 'Add/Browse activities': you can add any relevant activities to your MyNEA profile by simply clicking on the entry and adding the activity.

Any activities that you complete and want to claim must be submitted for approval by pressing the 'save and submit' button.

You can also add a 'customised' activity.

Choose activities that assist you to develop each of the seven UNE Graduate Attributes:

  • communication skills
  • global perspective
  • information literacy
  • lifelong learning
  • problem solving
  • social responsibility
  • teamwork.
Categorise your activities

The list of 'standard' activities is grouped by category, either:

  • Extra curricular learning and training
  • Professional development
  • Contribution to the community. The community could be the University, or your own local community — this is not intended (or expected) to be UNE-centric.

When you're logged into your MyNEA account, browse and add any of the activities that you are involved in now or in the future.

Please note: the activity list can also be linked from your MyNEA account.

Customised activities

We are very flexible, and happy to accommodate YOUR development needs with activities that are relevant to each individual participant.


All students can use the customised activity to add activities that are not on the standard list. Check with the NEA Program Manager if you are claiming 50 or more points, or if you need help to work out where an activity fits in the NEA.

Organising customised activities

Activities that are not in the provided list are called customised activities. The following steps outlines how to register customised activities to your MyNEA.

1. Decide on the activities you'd like to do, and the category that each of your activities fits into.

2. To help work out how many points your activity might be worth, have a look at the list of 'standard' activities to see if there is something similar.

3. If you THINK the activity will be worth 50 or more points email details to with links to websites, or any other documentation you have, and let us know what category and how many points you'd like to claim.

4. Any activities that you complete and want to claim must be submitted for approval by pressing the 'save and submit' button.

5. The NEA Program Manager will evaluate the activity and advise if you can add it as a customised activity. It might also be something that other participants are able to get involved with, in which case it will be added to the list of standard activities.

See the information in the section below about allocating points for customised activities.

NEA points allocation for customised activities

If you have registered customised activities to your NEA account, we will authorise the points to allocate to that activity in your profile.

Supporting documentation

The NEA office requires supporting documentation for activities which are unknown to the NEA Office and/or have been completed external to the university.  Supporting documentation assists to verify specific details about individual activities and provides evidence that your activity 'fits' in to at least one of the NEA categories.

Examples of supporting documentation may include:

  • position statements
  • pamphlets and flyers
  • references.

Supporting documentation needs to confirm unique activity details such as the activity description and what the activity involved:

  • the activity provider organisation, and contact details
  • date/s and duration of the activity
  • your responsibility/duties involved
  • your level of commitment.

Please attach supporting documentation to your proof of participation.

Please note that activities may be rejected if insufficient supporting documentation is supplied.

Notify the organisation providing your activity

When undertaking an activity that will count towards your New England Award it is important that you notify the activity provider.

You may also need to provide supporting documentation for activities which are unknown to the NEA office and/or have been completed external to the university.

Claiming NEA points for voluntary work or paid work

If you wish to claim NEA points for undertaking unpaid work experience or a work placement, you must ensure that you and the 'employer' have signed the NEA Work Experience Disclosure Form and returned it the NEA Office. Approval must be received from the NEA Program Manager before the placement/ unpaid work is undertaken as part of the New England Award.

If the form is not completed and signed you will not be eligible to claim the NEA points for the work undertaken. THIS IS TO ENSURE THE PLACEMENT COMPLIES WITH THE FAIR WORK ACT AND OTHER RELEVANT LEGISLATION.

If the Work Experience Disclosure form is completed, and the work has been undertaken, you can ask your employer to sign an Activity Provider Statement to verify that you have completed 35 hours or more of work. You are eligible for 75 points for paid work and 100 points for voluntary work if you have completed 35 hours or more.