Life at UNE

We think life at UNE is pretty great and we want to make sure our international students know what they have on offer as a member of the UNE community.

With specific programs, health and well-being initiatives and numerous fun and enjoyable events to get involved in, there is something for everyone.

Programs and Events

Stay in the know with the full range of student programs and activities offered by UNE International.

From health and fitness sessions to English lessons, cultural connection sessions and multicultural festivals, we like to keep things interesting for our students!  We have heard what our students both want and need and have provided tailored programs and events to help them settle into life at UNE and as a student here in Australia.

Many of our programs and events are also open to spouses and family members of students.

Check out what's on in 2020 here!

Student Services

The University of New England has a vast array of services that provide all students with numerous support services, events, sporting opportunities, Academic guidance, counselling and medical assistance. That's just to name a few!

UNE International works alongside these various areas of the university to ensure the full experience of our international students is both positive and of a high quality.

For a full list of services available for students across campuses and online, click here.