Graduate Attributes

An overview

UNE's policy, Attributes of a UNE Graduate, applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our graduate attributes are:

Knowledge of a disciplineGraduates will have knowledge of their discipline including a global perspective.
Communication skillsGraduates will convey ideas and information effectively to a range of audiences.
Problem solvingGraduates will apply logical, critical and creative thinking to solve a range of problems.
Information literacyGraduates will recognise when information is needed, and identify, evaluate, and effectively use information as required.
Ethical conduct and social responsibilityGraduates will be able to recognise, reflect on and respond appropriately to social, cultural and ethical issues.
Lifelong learningGraduates will be prepared for lifelong learning in pursuit of personal and professional development.
Independence and collaborationGraduates will work independently and collaboratively to achieve individual and common goals.

Policy aims

The policy is designed to ensure that by the time students graduate, they will have attained a detailed grasp of discipline knowledge, as well as having developed abilities to participate successfully in the workforce, and as responsible citizens.

An unknown future

The graduate attributes policy recognises that students are being prepared for a largely unknown future where changes in knowledge and professional practice are occurring at a rapid rate. Students need to know how to find and manage information, to continue to learn throughout their lives, and to deal flexibly and responsibly with new situations.

The development of graduate attributes is inextricably linked with learning disciplinary content and the way students communicate their knowledge, go about their learning, or apply their learning.

UNE provides experiences and opportunities conducive to the development of each attribute during a student's time at UNE, and encourages students to be partners in acquiring attributes to enhance their post-university opportunities.