Information for Disaster Affected Students

UNE understands that there are students who may be, from time to time, affected by natural disasters including fires, floods and earthquakes.  We want to assure all students that should you be affected, UNE will respond quickly to relieve the stress that this may place on your ability to study.

If an event should occur we will update the information on this page. However in the meantime for those students who require information or immediate assistant, you should make contact through the following categories. Please click on the link for further information.


Short extensions on assignments (generally two weeks or less) can be arranged, in most cases by contacting your unit coordinator prior to the due date with your request. Some Schools and Disciplines have slightly different procedures for applying and you should be able to find this information within your teaching material in Moodle etc.  Should you require any assistance in navigating these processes, please contact Student Central on 02 6773 2000 or via AskUNE.

Substantial extensions for those who have been severely affected can be sought through the Special Extension of Time application process. The maximum extension available is up until the end of the following trimester’s teaching period. Relevant supporting documentation or proof of your situation must be provided along with a formal application. The application form and instructions can be accessed at the following link.


Severely affected students who find that they are unable to attend an exam due to their situation may be eligible for a Special Exam.  This is a deferred exam, and if approved will then be held at the end of the following trimester.  Further information and the application form can be accessed at Application for Special Examination (PDF, 224.36 KB)  Relevant supporting documentation or proof of your situation is required.

It is possible to change your exam centre should you find that you have had to relocate due to the impact on you.  This may be an option which may make it easier for you to attend your exams in these circumstances.

Please contact the Examinations Office in Student Central as soon as you become aware of the need to change your exam location to another centre.

Special Consideration

If your ability to study and prepare for an exam has been impacted yet you are still able to attend the exam, they you may be eligible for Special Consideration. If approved, the marker can take your situation into account and this is worth up to an additional 3% on your overall mark.

Affected students who wish to apply for Special Consideration should submit an Application for Special Consideration (PDF, 205.3 KB)  Relevant supporting documentation or proof of your situation is required.

Mandatory Intensive Schools

If you are due to attend a mandatory Intensive School and can not attend because of the recent storms in your area you must contact the University to discuss your options. You can contact Student Central by phone on (02) 6773 2000 or via AskUNE.

Higher Degree Research Students

Higher Degree Research students whose ability to progress is affected by fires or floods should contact the HDR Team in Research Services to discuss what support the University can provide. Please contact us via AskUNE or phone (02) 6773 3715

Library Loans

If you experience difficulty in returning borrowed items, please contact the Library on email or 02 6773 2458 at your earliest convenience.

Education Students

Education students (pre-service teachers) who are on professional experience and have been affected by the disastrous storms in the last week need to contact the Office for Professional Learning via AskUNE to ask about days missed. The PEO will assess each case individually and decide whether make-up days will need to be completed for professional experience.

Contacting UNE

You can contact us through the following channels

  • Student Central: INT: 61 2 6773 2000
  • Higher Degree Research: INT: 61 2 6773 3715
  • Library: INT: 61 2 6773 2458
  • AskUNE

If you are experiencing internet difficulties due to fire or flood damage we are happy to take any UNE enquiry and submit questions on your behalf through AskUNE to the appropriate area, just call us for assistance.

If you'd like to talk to someone, the Student Support Team is here to help! Contact us via phone on (02) 6773 4430. You can also email any of your enquiries.

We will post relevant information about assistance on our blog at Insiders' Guide Blog