Inherent Requirements

What are inherent requirements?

Inherent requirements are the fundamental parts of a course or unit that must be met by all students. They are the abilities, knowledge and skills you need to complete the course. Students with a disability or chronic health condition can have adjustments made to enable them to meet these requirements. There may also be other considerations, such as cultural or religious considerations, that may impact your capacity to meet an inherent requirement and may require adjustments. However, any adjustments must not fundamentally change the nature of the inherent requirement.

Compulsory requirements aren't the same as inherent requirements.

Why are inherent requirements important?

Inherent requirements are the fundamental parts of a course. You must meet them in order to complete your course and graduate.

How does this affect you?

In order to successfully complete a course at UNE, you need to be able to complete all the inherent requirements. Make sure you carefully read the inherent requirement statements for any course you want to apply for. If you're not sure that you can meet them all, call the UNE Course Information Line or talk to your school careers advisor. If you have a disability or chronic health condition, contact a UNE disability advisor to talk about the adjustments that may be put in place so you can meet the requirements or provide guidance regarding your study options.

Inherent requirements at UNE

We're currently working to identify inherent requirements for all UNE courses so you can make more informed choices. These will be progressively introduced over the next few years. The available inherent requirement statements are listed below:

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