Vice-Chancellor's Scholar Program

The Vice-Chancellor's Scholar program is a way for the University of New England to recognise, celebrate and reward the achievements of our most academically high-achieving students.

To qualify for the Vice-Chancellor's program, students must be in their final year of a Bachelor or Masters degree and be graduating with a Grade Point Average of 6.7 or higher.

In recognition of this achievement, Vice-Chancellor's Scholars will receive:

  • a letter from the Vice-Chancellor
  • a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar eCertificate
  • the achievement will be included on each Scholar's transcript and AHEGS
  • listing on the Vice-Chancellor's Scholar Honour Roll
  • a photo opportunity with the Vice-Chancellor at the relevant graduation ceremony

Eligibility is determined by the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team preceding each round of graduation and eligible students will be notified by email.

Interim Awards

In previous years, students who were enrolled in Bachelor degree courses and who had completed a minimum of 24 credit points with a Grade Point Average of 6.7 or higher would be recognised as a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar. Students would be assessed after the release of Trimester 1 results and would be recognised each year that they fulfilled the criteria.

This has been revised into the current format. There has been discussion around developing a Head of School or Dean Scholar program for students in earlier years, however, the complexities surrounding this have delayed the implementation of such a program. This new program is set to take effect in 2019.

An interim measure has been devised wherein existing Vice-Chancellor's Scholars will be permitted to continue under previous rules and will be recognised as a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar under this transitional arrangement. These students receive the same recognition as Graduating Vice-Chancellor's Scholars, with the exception of the graduation ceremonies.