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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Supervised Exam Tips

In response to Government directives relating to COVID-19, UNE has cancelled in person, paper-based exams for Trimester One.  Instead, the University will be conducting exams online, using ProctorU to supervise the exam on our behalf.

While the University encourages students to sit an exam online, it also upholds its privacy-related responsibility to ensure students are well informed about the way their personal information will be collected and managed by ProctorU. With this in mind, the University has prepared a separate ‘Notification of the collection of personal information by ProctorU’, which is available for students to read, here.

Should a student decide that they do not wish their personal information to be collected by ProctorU, or if they cannot access the online examination due to accessibility challenges, they will be unable to complete an online supervised exam. Under those circumstances, the students must contact their Unit Coordinator to advise them of their choice/situation. The Unit Coordinator will provide an alternative assessment to the student of a similar standard, depending upon unit requirements and the requirements of any accrediting bodies.

The decision to move to online supervised exams is intended to provide individual students with options to complete their unit at a time when face-to-face exams are unlikely to be possible.  As Australia's leading online university, we have been providing online supervised exams for 2 years and we are confident this option will assist the majority of students.

The online exam period will occur between 9th to 19th June.  To provide as much flexibility as possible, most online exams will allow students to select their preferred start time on the scheduled day.  More specific information about your exam can be found in your unit’s Moodle site. Look for the blue owl.

It is critical that you complete the Try-It-Out exam as soon as possible. This is a dress-rehearsal of the technology to give you a feel for how to access your real exam and to check for any technical issues you may have, giving you an opportunity to resolve them prior to the exam period.

Are you ready for your online exam?

You will need

  • a webcam
  • a computer and reliable internet connection
  • a private space
  • a mirror (if you have an internal webcam, to show the supervisor the edges of your screen)
  • an A4 sized whiteboard and marker for most exams (to use for rough work)
  • government-issued photo ID, or UNE ID card
  • book in for your exam appointment with ProctorU (the earlier you book, the more choice of start time you will have)
  • Complete the Try It Out exam

Our Online Supervised Exams Moodle site contains all of the resources and instructions required for you to prepare for and complete your exams online

Notification of the collection of personal information by ProctorU

In order for UNE students to participate in an online exam delivered or invigilated by ProctorU, or the ‘try it out’ exam, personal information will be collected. The nature of the personal information to be collected and its management by ProctorU, is outlined in the collection notice below.

Collection Notice:

ProctorU will collect personal information from UNE students undertaking online examinations, for the following purposes:

  1. To assure the identity of the student undertaking the examination.
  2. To ensure the security of exam conditions at the student’s location.
  3. To provide assistance to a student during or following an exam session, if required.
What kind of personal information is collected about a student, and why?

To assure a student’s identity, ProctorU will require the following:

  • Student’s name and contact details (to facilitate registration and for use during the exam if assistance is required)
  • A clear and unobstructed view of the student’s face via the student’s computer camera or webcam, and the recording of a Government issued Photographic ID card to verify the student’s identity.

To provide assurance about the security of exam conditions at the student’s location, ProctorU will require the following:

  • Access to the student’s computer via remote connection.
  • Control of the student’s computer to conduct integrity checks.
  • Video access of the room in which the student will undertake the exam.

In addition, ProctorU will also conduct biometric keystroke assessments[1] under exam conditions, to validate a student’s identity.

[1] Biometric keystroke assessments record the personal typing patterns of students. The assessment is an automated method of identifying or confirming the identity of an individual based on the manner and the rhythm of typing on a keyboard

How will ProctorU store the personal information collected from UNE students?
  • Personal information collected via ProctorU will be stored in secure cloud-based servers in the United States for a minimum of two years and maximum of seven years.
  • Records collected and used by ProctorU to verify student identification, will be stored for a maximum of two weeks and then destroyed.
How will student information be used to support the online examination process?

The personal information provided by students engaging with online exams will be used by UNE staff (ie. Unit and Course Coordinators, University support and administrative staff, including staff from UNE’s Online Exams and Results Team and staff from the Student Grievance Unit as appropriate) and the University’s third party provider (ie. ProctorU) to facilitate online exams and associated activities. Associated activities may include the review of student examination information in the event of an allegation of academic misconduct or an appeal.

How can students correct or update the personal information collected by ProctorU?

Students needing to correct or update their personal information can do so by contacting UNE’s Online Exams team (via the ‘Contact Us’ tab, or by phone (+612) 6773 2145).

How can students be assured their personal information will be used and managed appropriately?

  • ProctorU is bound by its contractual arrangement with UNE to comply with the University’s Privacy Management Rule.
  • Personal Information provided at registration is also subject to the ProctorU’s Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy.
  • The collection, use, storage, access, and disclosure of personal information is governed by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act NSW (PPIPA) as outlined in UNE’s Privacy Management Rule and on the University’s Privacy web page.
Can a student choose to ‘opt out’ of the online examination processdelivered/invigilated by ProctorU?

Yes. If a student does not consent to provide the personal information required by ProctorU, or cannot access the online examinations due to accessibility challenges, they will be unable to complete a remote invigilated exam. Under those circumstances:

  • The student must contact their Unit Coordinator to advise them of their choice/situation.
  • The Unit Coordinator will provide an alternative assessment to the student, depending upon unit requirements and the requirements of any external accrediting bodies.

Students are welcome to discuss their privacy concerns in relation to online examinations or the collection, management and security of their personal information by ProctorU, by contacting the University’s Privacy Officer (

The use of cookies on UNE webpages

UNE collects information about visitors to our websites via the use of third-party cookies or other automated means including server logs. For information about the University’s use of cookies, or to disallow cookies through your web browser settings visit the cookies and related technologies information page .

You can view information on the way ProctorU uses cookies via the ProctorU Privacy Policy.

Document approval:  This document has been approved by the University’s Academic Board Standing Committee at its meeting of 12 May 2020. The document is scheduled for further review by end September 2020 or at the point of a change in the University’s arrangements with ProctorU, whichever is the earliest.

Disturbing claims you may have read online about online exams
ProctorU will open or access personal files on my computer.

The ProctorU software will automatically turn off unauthorised software applications (Skype, IM, email etc).  In cases where multiple screens are in use, the ProctorU staff member may manually alter display settings on the test takers for the duration of the exam.  Copy/paste on Mac computers also need to be turned off manually.

They do this via screen sharing software (LogMeIn Rescue) which is similar to the TeamViewer software that UNE IT Service Desk use to allow remote access to a staff or students computer when they request technical support.  The test taker must always give explicit permission before the ProctorU staff member can take control of the test takers mouse in order to manually change any settings.  This permission is recorded and a screen recording is taken of all actions undertaken while ProctorU have control of the test takers mouse.  Should the test taker not give this permission, the action does not occur.  Files are not opened or accessed.

 Loading the ProctorU software gives ProctorU access to my computer after my exam.  

Closing all internet browser sessions after the exam will turn off all access that ProctorU had to the test takers computer during the exam. This access is not available to ProctorU unless the test taker is logged in to a ProctorU session

If students are very concerned by this aspect, it is a simple process to un-install the ProctorU software after the exam and reload just prior to any future online exam

ProctorU software includes key-loggers.

One of the only reasons any assessment is supervised is to ensure the identity of the person completing the assessment.  This is an essential requirement of many university courses accredited with professional bodies.  IT industry best practice for identity management can be described as ‘something you have, something you know, something you are’.    UNE manages the ‘something you know’ by asking you to log into Moodle with your UNE username and password before you can access the exam.  ProctorU checks test taker identity by checking your ID card (something you have), and via your typing style (something you are).  Your typing style (speed and dwell time on keys) is measured while you type a statement around academic integrity and this becomes a measure of your identity when you next log in.  This aspect of the software is only active within the context of your exam.

If students are very concerned by this aspect, it is a simple process to un-install the ProctorU software after the exam and reload just prior to any future online exam

ProctorU collect personal information and it is possible they will sell this to third parties, or thatpersonal information will pass on to another company if they buy ProctorU in the future.  

See privacy statement re data collection

ProctorU will bankrupt me or steal my identity.

See privacy statement re data collection

The ProctorU Artificial Intelligence will pick up my nervousness as cheating and unfairly tag me as cheating, or will assign an automatic fail to me.

A real person will supervise your exam.  This person is assisted by AI which flags things like noises in the room, changes in lighting, or unauthorised activities on your computer but it is up to the exam supervisor to decide what to do about these situations.  Where an action seems suspicious, they might ask you to pan the room with the camera or to show them what you are looking at.  They can also escalate the exam session to an ‘intervention specialist’ who will work with the test taker to resolve the issue and stop any suspicious behaviour.

Where ProctorU believe that the exam rules have not been followed, they will escalate the issue to UNE Exams staff who will assess the situation and decide whether they will escalate the issue further to the UNE Academic Misconduct Process.  It is important to note that UNE processes are followed, and that students are able to respond to any issues raised before UNE makes a decision regarding possible academic misconduct.  The exam answers are marked by UNE staff, and ProctorU do not have any part of the process of assigning marks.

It is creepy and invasive for someone to watch me, or allow ProctorU access to view my computer, operate my mouse during my exam.

Supervised exams are required for many professionally accredited courses at UNE, and a key part of this is ensuring that the person taking the exam is the person who is enrolled, and that it is their own work.  Ensuring that graduates are skilled to a high standard and able to meet employment requirements is key to community safety and confidence.  It also ensures fairness for the students who never attempt to cheat.  A supervised exam held online uses technology to help ensure the test takers identity, and to adequately supervise the test taker and their digital and physical exam environment.  This technology is unfamiliar to many people but is very similar to the type of technology used for e-passports or automatic ID checking machines at licenced venues, or the remote IT support software used by the UNE IT Service desk.

We require ProctorU to check your identity by not only showing photo ID (which is known to be faked by paid imposters) but also by a photo of your face and by your typing style.  The ProctorU software will automatically turn off blacklisted functions on your computer, turn off unauthorised software applications, and allow the supervisor to see what is happening on your computer screen as well being able to watch the test taker via the web cam.  The software you run will also allow ProctorU to provide technical support if you need it.

ProctorU are not a legitimate organisation, operate out of a warehouse somewhere, and cannot be trusted.

ProctorU are the market leader in online proctoring, and have been for the last decade.  They supervise more than one million exams every year and partner with more than 1,000 higher education providers worldwide.  ProctorU meet all privacy legislation requirements.  ProctorU hold exams according to the instructions UNE provides, and communicate all issues to designated UNE staff either in real time or within a few hours.  They meet industry standard security requirements.  ProctorU exist to assist education institutions to uphold the academic integrity of their assessments.