ITD Learning Space Access

You can use the Learning Spaces in the ITD building whenever they are not being used for teaching. To access the eLab you need to swipe your UNE Student Card at the card reader then the door will automatically open.

DO NOT push or manually open the door.  Eating in these spaces in NOT permitted.

Bookings for these rooms are through UNE's Room booking Service.

e-Lab - accessible 24x7 all UNE students and staff. Card swipe 24x7 door will automatically open (door is not to be propped open).
e-Space – doors physically open during business hours (8:30am - 5:00pm) except when room is in use. Swipe card access by staff and students outside of those hours.
Immersive space – swipe card access by staff all hours. Student access business hours only.
Small video conferencing office – doors open business hours only (8:30am - 5:00pm). Closed outside of these hours.

Access to the computers in the ITD building and on campus is subject to the Rules for the Use of Computing Facilities.

Getting Access After Hours

The labs are available for your use 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Outside normal working hours you will need to use your UNE Student Card to gain access to the ITD building and to the lab.

After hours the sliding doors at either end of the IT Building are locked - use the adjacent hinged doors with the UNE Card readers.

Getting Out of the Building

You can open them by pressing the green button next to the door. You can also get out the hinged doors. Turn the handle to open the door. There are also two rear fire stairs. At the end of each of the short corridors there is a door into a stairwell. At the bottom of each stair well is a door to the outside.

Getting Comfortable

The ITD building is fully air-conditioned. After hours the air-conditioning turns off. There are After Hours switches to turn it on again on the wall near the lift. To the left of the lift are two switches. The air-conditioning will run for two hours then turn off again.

There are toilets on both level one and level two. On level one there is a disabled toilet at the rear of the short corridor at the eastern (Library) end of the building. One level two there is a disabled toilet between the male and female toilet. It has an interlock to ensure privacy.

Restricted Areas

On the third level of the ITD building are offices and equipment for staff who maintain the UNE computer network and the central computers and systems. Access to this level is restricted. Unless you have some reason to go to level three you should stay on levels one and two. If you do need to go to level three you use the lift.

Remember that your access to the computers in the ITD building and on campus is subject to the Rules for the Use of Computing Facilities. These are printed in the front of the UNE Handbook.

Other Computing Facilities

During library hours, Dixon Library has open-access computing facilities. Faculty Labs are also available in the individual faculties - please contact your school for access details. A Training Lab with Windows PCs is also available and can be booked through UNE's Room booking Service. UNEBS and Law Students - Please click here

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