IT Maintenance Dates

Periodically ITD needs to shut down services at the hub of our infrastructure to perform maintenance.

We try very hard to accommodate as many areas/staff/students as possible, but as always, there is never a convenient time for everyone – we can only minimise disruption, not eliminate it.

The following dates are maintenance dates for 2020:

JanuarySaturday, 18th    Full DayTeaching
February Saturday, 15thFull Dayn/a
MarchSaturday, 14thFull DayTeaching
April Saturday, 4th Full Day Teaching
May Saturday, 16th Full Day Teaching
June Saturday, 27th Full Day n/a
July Saturday, 11th Full Day Teaching
August Saturday, 15th Full Day Teaching
September Saturday, 19th Full Day Teaching
October Saturday, 24th Full Day n/a
November Saturday, 14th Full Day Teaching
December Saturday, 19th 
Sunday, 20th  
Full Day
Full Day
January 2021 Saturday, 16th  Full Day Teaching

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