Where can students print?

Most labs on campus, including the Dixson Library Learning Commons and the IT labs, have printers set up.

Easy Steps for Accessing Printing

Step 1:  Associate Your UNE Student Card

Instructions on how to associate your card with your account can be found by each printer - basically you pass your student card over the RFID scanner for a second and you will be prompted for your UNE username and password on the touchscreen. This is a one-off process and will only need to be repeated if your card or your password changes.

Step 2: Put Money on Your Account

While transitioning between printing systems, there will be no charge for printing.

Once the new PaperCut system is fully implemented, the previous pricing for printing and copying will return. Please see below for pricing.

Using your UNE card to release print/copy jobs

Once you have printed from a lab computer, walk up to any MFD on campus and pass your student card over the card reader attached to each device. After a second, you will be logged into the printer and will be able to review and either release or cancel your queued print jobs.

How to release a document (PDF, 177.05 KB)


Printing and copying is charged at $0.10 per A4 black&white print ($0.18 double sided). A3 b&w and A4 colour are $0.20 per copy ($0.38 double sided)

Scanning to email is free of charge.

Email / Web Printing

For your personal computers, the best way to print will be using either Web Printing or Email Printing. See the documents below for more information.

Web Print - How to print a document from the web (PDF, 230.72 KB)

Email Print - How to print a document by email (PDF, 155.41 KB)

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