NEA Rules

  1. To participate in the New England Award, you need to:
    • be enrolled as a UNE student*
    • make sure you are familiar with these rules
    • complete your academic award as well as the NEA program to receive the New England Award
    • have at least one activity in each category (no more than 750 points in any category)
    • accrue a total of 1,000 NEA points
    • maintain a record of your skills development in MyNEA portfolio
    • ensure that the points are authorised by the appropriate activity provider as soon as possible after the activity is completed and in the same year that the activity is undertaken
    • choose ONE of the following tasks to submit after you have reached 1,000 points (at least 8 weeks before your graduation ceremony)
      1. submit a written reflective journal of NO MORE THAN 1,000 words
      2. OR

      3. submit a video / audio file of no more than 5-8 minutes
      4. OR

      5. submit a two page application, an up to date CV, and attend a 10 minute interview (using technology if you are not in Armidale).
    • meet requirements of the NEA by the time you complete your studies, or have made arrangements for an extension of time with the Program Manager.
  • You are encouraged to choose activities which assist you in your development of the  UNE Graduate Attributes as well as other aspects of your personal and professional development.

    The online list of activities is NOT comprehensive — these are only sample activities. You should investigate activities in your own community and contact the NEA Program Manager for help if needed. You must receive approval before starting a customised activity wherever you intend to claim 50 or more points (i.e. when the activity isn't on the standard list, check first).

  • Points will be only be awarded if you fulfil the obligations of activities to a level that demonstrates commitment and genuine intent. For example, being elected to a committee position will not gain you points unless you fulfil the requirements of the role to an acceptable standard.

  • * Activities undertaken while your studies are deferred cannot be included towards the NEA. The NEA is intended as a co-curricular program of development for UNE students. If you take a leave of absence or intermission, you may include activities for and intermission of up to 6 months. If you require clarification please contact the NEA Program Manager

    * If you are enrolled as a cross-institutional student, or in a non-award you are not eligible to participate in the NEA program.