UNE Safety Shuttle


Throughout the year there are a number of Transport options available to students.

UNE Life, Safety and Security manage this service, click here for all current Campus Transport options.

We recommend all Students download the UNE Safe App to keep in the loop with current transport options, simply;

1) Download the UNE Safe App
2) Tap on the triple bar icon on the top left-hand corner to select your route
3) Select UNE night shuttle to turn the route options on
4) View the location of the bus (you will see this moving)
5) Flag the driver down
6) Get to your destination

If you require Transport assistance when the Shuttle services are not available please contact UNE Life, Safety & Security directly on  02 6773 2099.

UNE Safety van

Any breach of code of conduct will be reported to UNE’s Student Grievance Unit, and/or college heads, and/or college resident fellows, as appropriate, and may result in suspension of utilising this service for the person in breach.

Click here for all current Campus Transport options.