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The word 'philosophy' literally means love of wisdom. Philosophy investigates the basic claims science makes about the world as well as the principles that govern human life and morality. Topics of philosophical interest are wide-ranging — questions such as:

  • is it possible to travel into the past?
  • is euthanasia morally justified?
  • how does the brain give rise to consciousness?
  • how much of what we think we know, do we really  know, what it is to think and act rationally?

These questions are all perennial interests to philosophy, while none of these questions has been definitively answered.

Undergraduate and postgraduate study

Philosophy is a worthwhile component of any bachelor degree. Study on campus in Armidale or fully online in your own home, or abroad.

Majors in philosophy: We offer an undergraduate major in philosophy in the Bachelor of Arts, as well as an Honours program, and degrees at Masters and PhD level.

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Honours and postgraduate courses
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Studying philosophy at UNE, you will learn from teachers who are experienced researchers with good records of scholarly publications, each teacher with specific areas of expertise. These philosophical areas include:

  • personal identity
  • time
  • hermeneutics
  • bioethics
  • environmental ethics
  • meta-ethics
  • the social sciences
  • religion/language/mind
  • moral philosophy
  • political philosophy
  • scientific method
  • metaphysics
  • philosophy of physics
  • philosophy and literature
  • continental philosophy
  • axiology, epistemology
  • the literary study of religious texts
  • feminist theory.

Career potential of Philosophy graduates

Philosophy graduates have an education that fits with many career sectors. Studying philosophy provides life skills that translate as skills and abilities to:

  • think critically
  • communicate with clarity
  • solve problems
  • argue convincingly.

Famous people who were philosophy majors include:

  • Peter Thiel — co-founder and former CEO of Paypal
  • Ethan Coen — Film director
  • Angela Davis — activist, social commentator
  • Steve Martin — actor and comedian
  • Susan Sontag — author, filmaker, activist
  • Ricky Gervais — actor, comedian.

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