Program of Events

Monday 9 July 2018
Opening Ceremony at 10:30 am
Booloominbah lawns, UNE campus

MC for the day Candita Cutmore invited Uncle Colin Ahoy to give the Welcome to Country and to begin the ceremony by raising the Aboriginal flag above Booloominbah. Bruce Cohen followed this with a smoking ceremony. Community member Lisa Waters and UNE student Ali Archibald spoke about what this years theme 'Because of her, We can!" meant to them before UNE Vice-Chancellor Prof. Annabelle Duncan gave an Opening speech about UNE involvement. Finally three girls from the Duval Deadly Dancers completed the proceeding with a farewell dance to close the ceremony.

Everyone enjoyed a morning tea and the cutting of the NAIDOC cake on the lawns of Booloominbah.

2018 NAIDOC dancers 2018 NAIDOC dancers

from left: smoking ceremony; Duval Deadly Dancers - Alyssa Jarret, Sateeva Boney and Mackayla Philp

Read what the speakers had to say here.

Honouring Indigenous women -  Posted by Matthew Cawood | July 11, 2018
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Tuesday 19 July, 2018
Elders Luncheon at 1:00pm
The Booloominbah Collection, Booloominbah, UNE campus

NAIDOC is the time where we celebrate the wisdom and knowledge of the Elders in respectful ways. UNE supports this tradition by providing an Elders Luncheon at Booloominbah for the local community and ensuring we continue to develop our relationships with the Armidale community.

Diane & Michael Kim pauline-green-enid-witten

from left: Aunty Dianne and Uncle Michael Kim; Aunty Pauline Green and Aunty Enid Witten

Wednesday 11 July at 12pm
Students BBQ, Oorala Aboriginal Centre Courtyard, UNE campus

Indigenous UNE students  are invited to join together for a BBQ and yarn up at Oorala to commemorate NAIDOC and welcome new students who've joined us in Trimester 2. Following lunch we would like to yarn up about which women have inspired you and who has been a leader in your community.