Enrolling Online

myUNE Handy Hints

  • Before you log in make sure you consult the Course and Unit Catalogue to determine which units you are going to enrol in. Please note if you are an Honours, Cross-Institutional or Non-Award student you may already have pre-selected units for your course which you will need to either confirm, remove or add to, depending on your individual program of study.
  • It is recommended that you enrol as early as possible and for Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and where available, Trimester 3. Except for year-long units fees are charged and invoiced on a trimester basis, not the full academic year. Enrolling early ensures that you secure your place in the unit. Also check the textbook requirements for your units and place your orders early to ensure delivery prior to the commencement of the teaching period.
  • Make sure you have checked the timetable to ensure there are no on campus or intensive school clashes for the units you have chosen.
  • Please take particular note of units with Mandatory Intensive Schools that are scheduled prior to the commencement of a teaching period. If you cannot attend a Mandatory Intensive School, you must not enrol in the unit.
  • Having trouble with registering to use myUNE? Remember that you need to enter your full given names as per your UNE offer.
  • Remember to turn pop up blockers off while you are enrolling online. To check this select the 'check browser settings' link on the first page of online enrolment to ensure your computer meets computer requirements to successfully undertake online enrolment.
  • Enrolling through myUNE should only take around 15 minutes if you have selected appropriate units and checked for on campus and intensive school timetable unit clashes before you log in.
  • When searching for units, if you are unsure of the full unit code you may find it helpful to search just on the first part of the unit code.  For example, if you search on 'HIST', you will return a list of all unit codes that begin with HIST.
  • Be careful that you select the unit in the correct teaching period. 2020/T1 means that the unit is offered in Trimester 1 2020, 2020/T2 means the unit is offered in Trimester 2 2020, 2020/T3 means the unit is offered in Trimester 3 2020, 2020/Y1 means that the unit spans both Trimester 1 and Trimester 2, 2020/Y2 means that the unit spans both Trimester 2 and Trimester 3, 2020/Y3 means that the unit spans both Trimester 3 2020 and Trimester 1 2021.
  • Units that are offered On Campus (ON) or Online (OL) will appear more than once in your search. Under the heading 'Class' you will see the options of OL or ON, and you need to choose the correct unit according to whether you want to study the unit on campus or online (by distance education).
  • Unless you are studying at the UNE Sydney Campus, ONLY choose units offered at the Armidale campus.

Registering and Access to myUNE

  • Register for your UNE username and password
    To enrol online you will need to have a UNE username and password. If you have not already registered for your UNE username and password, go to myUNE and select Enrolling for the first time to UNE? Register your account here. This will take you through the registration steps. Once you have registered, log onto myUNE. This login/password is different to the one used when applying for admission online.
  • Select the myEnrol tab
    Once you have logged into myUNE select myEnrol tab and click on Enrolment link. Select the course you are enrolling in for 2020, then proceed with the 10 Steps to enrol.

10 Easy Steps to Enrolling Online

Step 1 - Click on the Declaration:
The declaration summarises the conditions under which you agree to enrol as a student of the University of New England. Read the declaration, click I Agree.

Step 2 - Profile
Please ensure that your personal details match your record held by the Australian Taxation Office. Once you have checked that your personal details are correct click on Confirm.

Step 3 - Address
Please ensure that your contact details match your record held by the Australian Taxation Office. Please update your address and personal contact details.  You should include any home and emergency contacts.
If your details are correct and you do not need to make any changes, click on Confirm.
If you do update the information, first click on update or add as required and after entering your new details click on SUBMIT to save changes, then Confirm followed by Continue.

Step 4 - Statistics
Read through each of these questions and update your government statistics and disability information as required.
Click on Confirm.

Step 5 - Course
You MUST tick the box to accept your offer and then enrol in your course
Review the other information about your course, some of which can be updated such as your exam location and the completion period displayed on the screen.
Click on Submit.

Step 6 - Commonwealth Assistance Form
If you are admitted to a Commonwealth Supported place, this will be noted on your letter offering you admission and you must complete the Commonwealth Assistance Form.
If you intend to defer your fees please have your Tax File number with you.
If you are admitted to a full fee place, this will also be noted in your offer letter and you may have the option of applying for Fee-Help at this stage.
If you are a New Zealand citizen and believe you meet ALL the criteria for being HELP eligible, please send a copy of your Movement Record from the Department of Home Affairs through AskUNE. If you are deemed eligible the system will be updated and you can complete this form as a HECS-HELP eligible. To find out if you are eligible please visit Study Assist.
Click on Submit followed by Continue.
If you are admitted as a full fee paying international student, then please continue to Step 7.

Step 7 - Services & Amenities HELP Form
SA-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay for all or part of their student services and amenities fee. If you use SA-HELP, the amount will be added to your accumulated HELP debt. You can take out a SA-HELP loan even if you do not wish to take out any other HELP loan.

Step 8 - Majors
Does your course require you to do a major(s)? If so, this is where you can nominate your major(s).
If you do not need to nominate a major just click on Continue.
If you need to nominate a major first click on Select New Major to search for your major(s). Click on the Search button to retrieve the available major/s for your course. Click Add to select your major/s then click Select Major/s. If your course rules permit, you may have the option of choosing a General Program. Then click Confirm followed by Continue.

Step 9 - Units
This is where you select the units you want to enrol in for 2020.
Please note if you are an Honours, Cross-Institutional or Non-Award student you may have units already pre-selected for your course which you will need to either confirm (by ticking the Confirm box) or remove (by ticking the Delete box) and/or add other units depending on your individual program of study. 
To search for units, go to the Search for a Unit Code field, enter the unit code in the box and click Search  (multiple units can be searched for at one time by entering part of a unit code and clicking Search). On the following screen ensure you select the correct mode/teaching period for each unit you are adding and click the Select tick box next to each unit. Then click the Select Unit/s button at the bottom left of the screen. 
The units you have selected will now appear in the unit table with a peachy-orange background.
Repeat this step until you have selected all your units for 2020, then click Confirm, which will take you to another screen Save Unit/s and View Transaction, Check your unit selections and print the page if you require a hard copy record then click on Back to Current Enrolment. The units you have successfully enrolled in will now appear in the unit table with a green background. Now click on Continue.

Note : If units you selected have co- or pre-requisites that you do not meet, or permission is required from the Head of School they will now be pink in the unit table and show as INVALID in the unit status column. This means you are NOT enrolled in those units. You must first Confirm and Save Unit/s and View Transaction, then to request a waiver/permission to enrol in the unit/s, you must click on Why is this Invalid and in the dialogue box that appears, click on, and then submit the relevant online form. If permission is granted, Student Success staff will manually enrol you in the unit(s) and advise you of this via your UNE email address.

Step 10 - Finish
This is the final step of online enrolment. Please read the Enrolment Final Check list and attend to anything you may need to do. To exit click on the Back to myUNE button.
New students will need to allow approximately 1 hour for full MyUNE access. As soon as online unit material is available (close to commencement of the teaching period), it will be viewable from within the myStudy tab of myUNE

You should now be enrolled

NB: the next time you log into myUNE and want to view or make changes to your enrolment, click on the myEnrol tab and then click on the Enrolment & Enrolment Variation link, which is in the list on the left hand side of the page under Enrolment Details.