Dr William Billingsley

Senior Lecturer in Computational Science - School of Science and Technology

William Billingsley

Phone: +61 2 6773 2513

Email: wbilling@une.edu.au


I came to academia from a background as a software engineer – prior to my PhD I was a programmer in industry, working on a customer care and billing system that is sold mostly to telecommunication companies.

In the early 2000s I moved to Cambridge for my PhD, where I worked on "the intelligent book" -- smart and social education technology that enabled students to work cooperatively with machine reasoning systems. This gave me an ongoing interest in the HCI and software engineering aspects of AI – how people and systems that have very different ways of thinking about a problem can collaborate. (As well as interests in both technology education and education technology.)

From 2009 to 2014 I was a research engineer with NICTA. Initially I was building systems that could integrate many different  kinds of automated analysis of a videorecorded conversation, for use in medical communication skills training.

I also taught software engineering for the University of Queensland, where I co-developed a "supercollaborative" studio course. This put large numbers of students onto a common codebase,  using continuous integration and other modern development practices, to learn the inherently collaborative nature of software development.

In 2015, I joined the University of New England, as a lecturer in the new interdisciplinary computational science team.


PhD (Computer Science) University of Cambridge

Teaching Areas

Computer science, software engineering, programming, human-computer interaction

Research Interests

"Smart useful systems". Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, and Education Technology


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