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As a UNE student you have the opportunity to study overseas with one of UNE’s partner institutions, but in particular, we urge you to consider studying with our Partner institutions i.e., those with whom the School of Law has a particular relationship.

These opportunities allow you to gain an international experience and a chance to view global issues through a different jurisdictional perspective.  At a personal level these experiences can potentially develop you as an individual in terms of building your confidence and developing life skills.

To participate:

  • You need to initially discuss what you are planning with the School of Law’s Academic Manager who will provide advice on unit choices;
  • Once approved you then apply through UNE’s International Office;
  • You are then able enrol at the partner institution;
  • You continue to pay your fees at UNE; and
  • Once successfully completed, your studies will be credited toward your degree at UNE.

Access International for further information.

Overseas Study Experiences

The School of Law recently conducted a survey gauging student interest in studying overseas. As part of this survey students were asked about preferred destinations and duration. The data suggested an overwhelming preference for Italy followed by China and Brazil for a 2-3 week duration. We are pleased to offer two programs for those students who wish to participate in an overseas study experience.


OSSE300/500 study programmes will be designed to provide you with an experience of other cultures and gain credit towards your degree.  They will be conducted as units and include lectures, assessment, excursions and some cultural and career experiences.

In terms of cost, you will pay tuition fees as usual to UNE as this would be a UNE unit.  However, you would also be responsible for your travel, accommodation, meals and other costs related to the unit (OS-Help Assistance may be available).

UniTrento International Summer School

These Summer Schools are open to masters and final year bachelor students. Upon completion of the programme you would receive an academic transcript from UniTrento with completed units. These units will be credited to your UNE degree as unspecified law units.

The working language will be English, to maximise the participation of international students from all over the world, thus creating an intercultural class environment open to confrontation and discussion from different perspectives. Several visits are being organised and there will be place for excursions and social activities too!

International INBOUND

We encourage international students to study at UNE, at Armidale – a truly collegiate town in rural Australia. You can come as an Exchange student of one of UNE’s International Partners, and particularly if you are one of the School of Law’s specific partners.

Alternatively, you can come as a non-award student.


If you are a student of an official partner of UNE you need to:

  • Gain the approval of your home institution;
  • Apply through your institution and enrol at UNE;
  • Pay your tuition fees to your home university; and
  • Once you have successfully completed your studies, UNE will notify your home institution so that you will gain credit towards your degree.


International students from our Partner Universities (Link International) and even those whose university does not have a partnership with UNE can enrol as an on-campus student or enrol online to study the units of your choice.

This possibility allows students to take units that are not offered by their home institution, and in the case of the UNE School of Law, it should be noted that we host the Australian Centre for Agriculture Law and so offer a number of units that focus on natural resource governance – units that are not offered elsewhere in Australia.

Upon enrolment you would be treated as enrolling as international non award students as they are enrolling in specific units, and not into a course/degree programme.   On the successful completion of these units the students will have their results accredited to them and recorded on a UNE academic transcript but if your home institution approves these units, you would gain credit for your degree with your home institution as well.

  • Enrol in the units of your choice at UNE;
  • Pay the tuition fees;
  • Upon successful completion of your studies you will be given an academic transcript; and
  • If you have gained the approval of your home institution you will gain credit against your degree.

All international students should visit the International web pages for further information.