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The Museum of Antiquities preserves, documents and displays the many artefacts in its care for the benefit of students, the University and the wider community.   The Museum depends upon the generosity of its well-wishers and friends for its acquisitions, conservation programs and important events.

Gifts and donations to the Museum of Antiquities

The Museum welcomes donations and bequests and accepts in-kind gifts of objects and materials that enhance the Museum's collections. The University is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) for tax purposes.

How to give to the Museum of Antiquities

To arrange to make a donation please contact the University Curator and Chair of the Museum of Antiquities Advisory Committee, Ian Stephenson.

Conditions of acceptance of in-kind gifts

Gifts of objects and material are accepted for inclusion in the Collection on the basis their relevance to the Museum's collecting, teaching and research aims. Donations are also accepted on the understanding that they become the property of the University of New England and may not be claimed back at a later date. The Museum does not accept gifts as long term loans, except under exceptional circumstances.

Gifts are accepted on the understanding that the location, retention, preservation or other considerations relating to their use or disposal are at the discretion of the Museum. Gifts may not be accepted if the donor wishes to place any limitations or restrictions on their use or disposal. The Museum reserves the right to decline or dispose of gifts in kind.