Our Farms

UNE SMART Farms are valuable resources that enable UNE researchers and their industry and community partners to conduct world-class activities that encompass Sustainable, Manageable, Accessible, Rural Technologies (SMART).  Supporting a range of disciplines including natural and agricultural ecosystems, poultry, livestock and canine sciences, precision agriculture and zoology, the SMART Farms offer researchers and postgraduates the space, environment and facilities to work and partner with industry to solve real-world problems. The SMART Farms also provide the context for problem-based experiential learning for undergraduates and for community activities.  To have these wonderful resources located just minutes from the UNE campus is a major strength for those working and studying at UNE.

Made up of eight properties covering 3,655 hectares, the UNE SMART Farms are diverse and valuable teaching and research resources.  With the exception of Tullimba, the farms are located adjacent to or within a 5 minute drive of the main UNE campus, allowing easy access for research and teaching activities.  Tullimba is located 40km west of Armidale.

View the available pasture estimates across our farms through our interactive pasture app.

Location of Farms