Our Research

The UNE SMART Farms provide a location, infrastructure and other resources to support the research of UNE academics and their collaborators.  A wide array of multi-disciplinary research is being undertaken across the Farms with a range of partners and collaborators.

Areas of research currently being undertaken on the UNE SMART Farms include:

  • sheep and cattle genetic and nutrition research
  • animal behaviour and welfare research
  • dog nutrition
  • poultry nutrition, production and welfare research
  • pasture management
  • natural resource management
  • water resource flow research
  • native animal research
  • agro forestry
  • agronomy and horticulture research
  • mixed farming systems research
  • soil moisture and crop yield mapping
  • cattle grazing behaviour research
  • crop variety development
  • precision agriculture research
  • forestry and pasture establishment and production research

Current Research Projects

  • National Resource Flock Project
    On an annual basis, phenotype information is collected along with genotype information on a large number of sheep, providing the the reference population on which genomic prediction can be based.
  • On-animal sensors for monitoring animal health and welfare
    An on-animal sensor system which will allow graziers the ability to spatially and temporally monitor their animal’s health and welfare status autonomously.
  • Alpacas: Guardian Angels for Sheep?
    The use of guardian animals to protect another domesticated species has been used globally as a form of predator deterrent. However, there is little scientific based evidence in relation to alpacas as guardian animals.
  • Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate
    The Insect Ecology Lab group are evaluating the impact of a changing climate on ecosystem services particularly in relation to ants and dung beetles.

Past Research Projects