Our Data

The UNE SMART Farms are a connected landscape which we have created to enable the collection of sensor data to aid production, research and education.

Being commercial farms, production data is collected to inform management decisions and to study research impacts.

With a long history of natural resource management research, environmental data from vegetation and fauna surveys is also being collected.

Data from our Farms and other University Farms across Australia is available for educational purposes via the Smart Farm Learning Hub 

We don't believe that the wheel needs to be reinvented, but we do believe that everyone should have access to it.  We happily use third party software, sensors and telemetry standards and we try to make it easy for others to collect and use data on farms.  We welcome the opportunity to become a test-bed and we strive to integrate new technologies.

To make sensor networking, data integration and storage simpler for researchers and external collaborators we have developed the SMART Farms Telemetry Hub (SFTH).  Please visit the SFTH Process page here if you wish to be involved or need help collecting near-real-time sensor data for your project.

For information on how to access data or to learn more please contact us.

csiro solar panel on orange background

Modelled third-party telemetry coverage across Kirby and Newholme