Our Data

The UNE SMART Farms are part of a connected landscape allowing capture and transfer of data from a number of sensor networks.  The telemetry backbone with broadband connectivity is a store and forward network that allows multiple sensors to be deployed across the farm.  Sensors on this network include automatic weather stations, sap flow sensors, a SMART bee hive and cameras with the capacity to include other sensors that are of particular interest to researchers.  A self-healing mesh of 100 soil moisture sensors provides data on soil moisture and temperature across 300ha of the Farms.

Being commercial farms, production data is also collected to inform management decisions and to study research impacts.

With a long history of natural resource management research, environmental data from vegetation and fauna surveys has also been collected.

A current project is developing an interface to make sensor network data more accessible to researchers and students.

Other restricted access data is also being collected on farm for monitoring of farm assets.

Data from our Farms and other University Farms across Australia is available for educational purposes via the Smart Farm Learning Hub 

For information on how to access data or to learn more please contact us.

csiro solar panel on orange background

Telemetry and Sensory Network Coverage across Kirby and Newholme