Tullimba is a 1000 head research feedlot on 740 hectares, 40 minutes from the UNE Campus.

Main Areas of Research

  • Feed Efficiency
  • Meat Quality
  • Animal Nutrition and Performance
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare
About Tullimba

Tullimba is a world-class feedlot research facility designed to provide research and training opportunities to enhance the international competitiveness of the Australian beef industry.

Tullimba uses GrowSafe feeders to monitor individual animal feed intake and allow calculation of breeding values for feed efficiency in beef cattle.

GreenFeed units allow measurement of methane emissions from individual animals. Utilised by industry, researchers and commercial beef producers this feedlot provides the facilities to investigate issues such as feed efficiency, behaviour, animal welfare and feedlot management.

Tullimba is also home to a 1300 ML dam with a large irrigation licence, providing scope for grazing and forage research.

The 175 head cow herd run on pasture is also a valuable resource for grazing beef production research.

Recent upgrades have added a grain tempering plant and computerised feed-out wagons to improve efficiency of feed mixing and animal performance.

Further upgrades to the GrowSafe feeders and other infrastructure are in planning to improve the scope of work at Tullimba.

Tullimba provides the ideal facility to encourage greater cooperation between geneticists, nutritionists and meat scientists, and is designed to connect R&D outcomes with the feedlot industry.