Mailing List

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a single email address associated with a list of other addresses. Individual email users can subscribe and unsubscribe to a mailing list. Whenever a message is posted to a mailing list, it is sent to every account subscribed to the list.

There are well over one hundred mailing lists at UNE, some are course-specific, others are administrative and support-based.

UNE Mailman Mailing Lists

Go to the UNE Mailing Lists page to see the list of publicly listed lists.

UNE-Official, as the name suggests, the official mailing list of the University. All staff are automatically subscribed to une-official.

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  • Purpose: To inform the University community of University and community events. This list is for announcements and notifications of matters that are relevant, or may be of wide general interest, to the university community. Matter posted to this list may be of a community, cultural or charitable nature.
  • List Owner: External Relations.
  • Membership: All members of the University community. Membership is optional. Non-University community members may be approved by the Director of ITD or nominee.
  • Status: Not Moderated
  • Authority to post: All members of the University community who are members of this mail list.

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To subscribe to UNE-Events

Other Mailing Lists

Countless other mailing lists exist outside UNE, any of which you may subscribe to. The University takes no responsibility for the content of these mailing lists. Subscription methods will differ. Instructions on how to subscribe / unsubscribe will usually be provided when you come across the list. Again, remember that some lists will inundate you with email, filling your mail quota in very short time.

How do you use Mailman at UNE?

Sending mail to list subscribers

When a message is to be distributed to the subscribers of a Mailman list, it must be addressed to the list's address. For example, to post to a list called une-events you send mail to
All lists on the Mailman server at the UNE have email addresses of the form:


Messages sent to these addresses first go to the Mailman server. Mailman receives the message and processes it, checking for errors and following the rules established by the list owners. If a message is valid, a copy is forwarded to each of the list's subscribers.

Changing subscriber/owner configuration options

Mailman performs lots of functions in addition to distributing messages to subscribers. It allows you to do a task, like subscribing to a list or changing how a list works, by going to a specific Web address.

Subscribers can do their tasks on the list information page at where listname is replaced with the actual name of the list. For example, if a subscriber wanted to change his subscription options for the une-events list, they would go to

Owners can go to the list administration page at
where again listname is replaced with the actual name of the list.

Going Away or Temporarily Stopping Emails

If you want to suspend the delivery of your e-mails for a short period of time because you will be away from your computer (holiday etc). The best option is to set the configuration to No mail. Upon your return you can reset the system to your preferred option. To do this:

  • Go to your mailing list page.
  • Under Subscribers (at the bottom of the page) Log in with your email address and password. A copy of this password is mailed to you at the beginning of every month. If you do not know your password, you can have it mailed to you under the Forgot Your Password section.
  • Once you are logged in, you can alter most of your settings. Select Yes under Disable Mail Delivery at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on Submit My Changes and your account will be updated.

Changing Your Subscribed Address

Members can alter the address to which their messages are sent at any time. You do not need to use a UNE email. To change your address you need to unsubscribe your old address and subscribe to new address.


Please be courteous at all times. Some of the debate can become "frank and full" as they say, but it is up to every member to control their language and refrain from making personal attacks against other list members.

Members should feel free to post messages here with the knowledge that their content will not be broadcast beyond the confines of this list without their permission. If you want to pass on a message to a third party please get the author's permission first! Similarly, before forwarding someone else's message onto this list please obtain their permission and acknowledge that authority in your message to the list.

Members who continually violate the rules of certain lists can face suspension from the list for a period of up to thirty days.


Subscription requests are always confirmed by an automatic return e-mail requesting they reply before the member is approved. You will not be subscribed to the list until you have replied to this email.

Posting Messages

All the messages that are posted to the group are available in the web archive. Messages can only be sent from your nominated email address.

Using the REPLY function will only send a reply to the author of the message. Using REPLY ALL will send the message to the group AND the author AND any CCs. Please be courteous and DELETE the additional names from the address field or else they will get multiple copies.

Ensure that the SUBJECT LINE accurately describes the topic of discussion. This will assist members to make a decision on whether your message is of interest to them.


If the lists you subscribe to inundate you with email messages, you can choose to receive them as a single compilation once per day. You will notice from the list of mailing lists that each one has a digest counterpart (e.g. the mailing list phil101 can also be received periodically as phil101-digest). To receive the digest version of any mailing list, go to the Subscribers page.

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