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UNE provides Microsoft Office 365 to all enrolled students. It includes OneDrive and Office Web Apps.

What does this mean to you as a student?

You will have a free cloud version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel forms.

These features allow you to store, share and collaborate your studies directly from within your UNE email.

What do I need to be ready to use Office 365?

The minimum browser requirements to get the best out of Microsoft Office 365 are:

  • At least Windows Internet Explorer 9
  • At least Mozilla Firefox 12
  • At least Apple Safari 5
  • At least Google Chrome 18

If you need assistance with updating your current browser, please contact the IT Service desk on 02 6773 500 or 1800 763 040.

What is OneDrive

OneDrive is a personal library for storing and organising your academic documents. It allows you to work within the context of your study, with features such as collaboration within the student community.

Store your work documents and related files

You will have 25GB of space in the cloud with OneDrive. That means a lot of storage for your study documents.

All files that you store in OneDrive are private, BUT, you can decide to share them with nominated others by placing a file in the 'Shared with Everyone' folder, this will make it easier when working on projects with other students.

More information about OneDrive can be found on the Microsoft Office OneDrive webpage.


Please be aware that OneDrive access will close down 30 days after your student account is archived (usually 9 months after you last enrolment). Do not use OneDrive as the only location for your files and make sure you regularly sync your files to another backup location (see below).

Office365 Web Apps

What is Microsoft Office 365 and Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps offer the ability to read and edit documents stored either within OneDrive or as attachments within emails. This means that you will be able to use standard Microsoft Office functionality directly in the web-browser, without having to purchase Microsoft Office.

UNE offers the following Office Web Apps for Office 365:

  • Microsoft Word App
  • Microsoft Excel App
  • Microsoft PowerPoint App
  • Microsoft OneNote App
  • Microsoft Excel Surveys App

To access Office WebApps, log into UNE Office365 with your full email address as your username ( and your UNE password.

Select the OneDrive option from the toolbar along the top of your screen.

Once in OneDrive, click on "New Document" to create a new document in the relevant application (see the screenshot below).

MS Office Web Apps

For more information on these Apps please download the PDF from Microsoft Office Web Apps Product Guide.

Syncronising to OneDrive

The OneDrive Sync App lets you synchronise your OneDrive Pro library to your local computer.

If you have Office 2013 already, you will have the Sync App. If not, you can download the OneDrive Sync Client from the Microsoft website.

To sync OneDrive,

  • Sign in to Office 365; and
  • Select OneDrive at the top of the page; and then
  • Click Sync. It's easy!

Skydrive Sync screen shot

You'll find your synchronised files in your File Explorer, under Favorites. Work on them locally and your changes will be synchronized automatically with your OneDrive library when you're online.

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