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Global Connections Program

Update: Our Cultural Connection Sessions are going online! UNE International will be posting videos of students sharing aspects of their culture, home country and heritage via our YouTube channel and the UNE Life Bunker Down platform each Tuesday. 

You can submit a short video (under 1 minute) and send it to or message it to us on Facebook.  
Outline your name and home country in your submission.

Get connected with our Cultural Connection sessions!

These fortnightly sessions are aimed at providing a place for international and domestic students to come together and get to know people from all over the world. They are designed to help students build intercultural skills, improve on social English skills and make new friends. The GCP as it's fondly known is a program that is run at both the Armidale and Parramatta campuses.


Tuesday - 12pm-1pm - in Trimester only
Level 2, The Stro' (up top!)


Tuesday - 1pm-2pm - in Trimester only 
Circa Espresso, 21 Wentworth Street, Parramatta

Food is provided by UNE International.

Women's Wellness Program

This program is designed to provide a social network for women to meet and connect with one another, discover more about their community and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Fortnightly gatherings feature workshops, seminars, movement classes and other fun sessions that give women a space to share their stories, concerns and ideas.

Our aim is to improve wellbeing, increase social connection, reduce feelings of social isolation and loneliness and increase knowledge of female health and sexual health among the female population in Armidale.

Sessions start Wednesday 11 March at 5pm. They are free and are open to all women in the community.

For a list of the first five sessions on the program, click here.


Do you have insight into life at UNE, as a student or what it's like living in Armidale or Sydney? Perhaps you know all about navigating the public transport system in Sydney or are in the know about our study centres. Whether you are a student, staff member or alumni of UNE, we want you to share your knowledge and experience!

This program is our way of communicating with prospective students about the UNE experience from a range of perspectives. Students may have questions about specific courses or content, what Armidale or Parramatta are like, or what their potential career prospects might be after they graduate. Our UNEBuddies help with providing this important information to prospective students through real-life and personal experience. Human-to-human. Real conversations with real people.

We have developed a great rewards program for our buddies to help keep them motivated and engaged. Check out more info on the program here and get involved today!

Health & Wellbeing at UNE

Here at UNE, we care about our students and want to make sure you mentally and  physically thrive!

We have developed a range of initiatives that will help you settle in to life here in Australia and ensure you get the most out of your studies and time at UNE.

We have learn-to-swim intensives, a driving program, English language lessons, fitness programs, mental health seminars and more!

For a full list of what we have on offer for international students (and spouses where applicable), visit our Health & Wellbeing at UNE page.

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