Why study at the English Language Centre (ELC)?

Teaching experience

Our courses are taught by highly qualified English language teachers, experienced in understanding your individual learning needs. Our programs will help prepare you for further study at the University of New England (UNE), and give you the skills and knowledge you'll need to understand how to be successful at your new university.

Learning support

The ELC provides a stimulating learning environment for students, with excellent resources and high academic standards. Our teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, and will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your studies.

Unique on-campus experience

Our students appreciate the friendly and caring learning environment of the ELC. Our staff know every student by name, and are always happy to provide assistance, both inside the classroom and beyond. Whether you need help renting accommodation, learning to drive a car, finding certain foods, or booking a doctor's appointment – we'll lend a hand.

While at the ELC, you'll also be part of a supportive international student network and have the opportunity to meet with native English speakers during our popular lunch-time conversation sessions.

Student success

An impressive 95% of all ELC students are successful in moving into their chosen UNE program. And, when compared with other international students entering UNE, our students are shown to be better equipped to start their university degree right from day one.

During your time at the ELC, you'll not only become accustomed to the Academic culture of studying in Australia, but will also gain vital experience with student systems and online learning forums that will help you thrive at UNE.

Flexible intakes

English Language Tests

  • The internationally recognised International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test is offered each month.
  • The Occupational English Test (OET) is offered monthly for those wanting to register as a Health Professional in Australia.
  • In the interest of the health and well-being of our candidates and Test Venue staff, and in response to our local government regulations to fight against Coronavirus, it has been decided to cancel the remaining 2020 OET test dates at the UNE English Language Centre. In the case of existing registrations, please wait for an email from OET before contacting OET helpdesk. For more information please visit the official OET Coronavirus Update Webpage.

COVID-19 Pandemic Information

Owing to the Public Health Orders associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic, ALL English language testing has been suspended at UNE for the remainder of 2020. For further information please contact elcenquiries@une.edu.au

Accredited courses

We offer quality, accredited English language courses that focus on your individual learning needs. Our courses are recognised by the external Quality Assurance entity NEAS (National English Language Training Accreditation Scheme) as being of the highest academic and pastoral standards.

Services and facilities

At the ELC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to all students across both academic and pastoral issues. With state-of-the-art teaching technology in every classroom, we'll provide you with the best possible education experience.

From the ELC Orientation Day onwards, you'll have full access to all UNE services and facilities, including: