All international applications are completed through the International Online Application portal.

Before applying, you need to consider the following:

If you require help to complete your application, you can contact the International Office, to be put in contact with a local education agent. You can access a register of UNE Education Agents at UNE International.

How to apply

International Students

1. Complete the online International Students Admission Application form

2. UNE will assess your completed application and advise you of the outcome.  If you are offered a place in an ELC course, the  offer letter will specify the course name, start and end dates and fees for enrolment.  The offer will also advise if you have to undergo further Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessment prior to being invited to accept your offer and pay the appropriate fees.

3. If you have received an offer without any conditions or you have been successful in the GTE process, you will need to accept your offer through the online application portal and arrange payment of the tuition and health cover fees.

4. Once UNE has received your Acceptance and tuition fees and you have met all offer conditions, you will be sent a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter.

5. Apply for a Student Visa using your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter.

6. When you are granted your Student Visa, you should make travel arrangements. Please plan to arrive in time for the ELC Placement Test and Day. See course dates for further information.

Note: It is possible for students to study up to 12 weeks of English on a visitor visa or 16 weeks on a working holiday visa.

Domestic students

Apply via the domestic student application portal if you are a:

  • Citizen of Australia or New Zealand
  • Dual citizen of Australia and another country
  • Permanent Resident of Australia

Note: If you are applying, or intend to apply to live in Australia permanently, you are an international student until the Australian Government grants you Permanent Residency. If you receive Permanent Residency after you are admitted as an international student, your status will change to domestic from the date of residency.

If you have any queries regarding your application, feel free to contact us at