Scratch and Display Permits

Scratch and Display permits are available for purchase by internal departments and for business who visit the campus on a frequent basis. Scratch and Display Coupons are available for purchase from Safety, Security & Information in the C18 building located below the "Stro" via an Internal Transfer Journal or via an Invoice Request. Costs of Scratch and Display Coupons to external business which includes GST are as follows:

  • ½ Day Coupon - $4.00
  • Full Day Coupon - $8.00
  • 7 Day Coupon - $15.00

The prices for UNE Faculties and Departments minus the GST are:

  • ½ Day Coupon - $3.64
  • Full Day Coupon - $7.27
  • 7 Day Coupon - $13.64

Those people with a Scratch & Display permit displayed on the dashboard of their vehicle are permitted to park in Purple or Blue Permit bays.