Postgraduate Research Programs

We encourage prospective postgraduate research students to explore our Research to learn more about our areas of interest, and to contact academic staff member directly to explore opportunities for study in a particular area.  By providing them with a full CV and details of your academic record, together you can find topics and degrees that best suit your needs.

Contact the School's Higher Degree Research (HDR) coordinator Dr Nick Andronicos if you have any problems with finding a suitable supervisor, or if you have problems with administration contact Lisa Allen.

Master of Science

The Master of Science (MSc)) provides a program of independent, supervised research that makes an advanced contribution to scholarship of a scientific field of knowledge. Within the School of Science and Technology areas of specialization include biochemistry, chemistry, computational science, exercise science, genetics, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, physiology, precision agriculture, regulatory science, sports science and statistics.

MSc graduates are eligible to apply for admission to PhD candidature and are qualified for employment in research organisations such as CSIRO and ANSTO, universities, environmental protection agencies, and scientific research institutes.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree enables students to undertake a substantial piece of independent and sustained research under academic supervision. The research is expected to make a substantial and original contribution to the discipline knowledge.

All Australian and New Zealand students who meet the criteria for entry to the PhD will not incur fees and will be funded under the Government's Research Training Scheme (RTS) for the normal duration of the course. International Students incur tuition fees.

For more information please see Higher Degree Research (HDR).