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If you have general questions that are not covered on this site, go to AskUNE where you can find answers to many common enquiries or submit an enquiry of your own by clicking on the 'Contact Us' tab.

Student Centre

The Student Centre provides you with a focal point of contact for all your administrative enquiries during your study at UNE, including selecting units and managing your enrolment. If you have administrative enquiries relating to your study at UNE, go to AskUNE:

You can also find information on all aspects of studying at UNE on the Current Students page.

Student Access and Inclusion

If you are a student with a disability or have special needs you can access information and register with Student Access and Inclusion.

Student Assessment Information


You must comply with the University's policy on Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct:

Your work will be checked for originality.

Plagiarism is the action or practice of taking and using the thoughts or writings of another, without acknowledgment, as one's own. The following practices constitute acts of plagiarism and are a major infringement of UNE's academic values:

  • where paragraphs, sentences, a single sentence or significant parts of a sentence are copied directly, are not enclosed in quotation marks and appropriately referenced;
  • where direct quotations are not used, but are paraphrased or summarised, and the source of the material is not referenced within the text of the paper; and
  • where an idea which appears elsewhere in any form* is used or developed without reference being made to the author or the source of that idea.

*Some examples of this are books, journals, WWW material, theses, computer stored data and software, lecture notes or tapes.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to:

  • read, understand and comply with the policy on Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct found at the website above.
  • familiarise yourself with the conventions of referencing for your discipline(s) - in the School of Science and Technology, you should assume that it is APA style unless otherwise indicated in the details of your assignment;
  • avoid all acts which could be considered plagiarism or academic misconduct;
  • seek assistance from appropriate sources if you become aware that you need more knowledge and skills in relation to academic writing;
  • be aware that when you submit an assignment through the University’s e-Submission system, you are deemed to have signed the plagiarism declaration form;
  • submit a separate signed and dated plagiarism declaration form with every task, report, dissertation or thesis submitted in hard copy for assessment or examination.

Please read and understand the relevant academic policies.

Avoiding Plagiarism

You should refer to the following websites for further advice and assistance:

Academic Skills Office
The Academic Skills Office has a variety of support materials to assist you with referencing and avoiding plagiarism including the opportunity for external students in their first year of study to get advice on writing and study skills by enrolling in a Moodle unit available from the ASO home page

eSKILLS - Keeping Track
eSkills has advice about organising your information for assignments and on referencing appropriately.

AIM: Academic Integrity Module
All new students are required to complete this module before being able to submit assignments online. Please view or read the material and do the self-test quiz in order to earn the Academic Integrity Badge.


The Examinations page has important information about examinations, including your responsibilities as a student in relation to exams, information about examination dates and special exams, and links to whom to contact if you have queries. 
Approved Calculators for UNE Examinations

Application Forms for Specials


Students wishing to lodge an appeal in relation to unit assessment; practical and/or professional experience assessment; the application of faculty policies; Special Examinations; and Special Extensions of Time, should consult the University's Student Appeals Policy: Academic Assessment Appeals Policy


If you have any problems related to accessing myUNE or the online site for your unit, contact the IT Service Desk on 02 6773 5000, via AskUNE or by emailing

List of usernames – disclaimer

Please note that your username within UNEonline appears as part of a list in some places. Only students enrolled in the unit have access to this list. Please contact your unit coordinator if you have any concerns.

Information Technology Cyberethics

Please read and understand the following: