School of Science and Technology Late Assessment Policy

Assessment Extensions

1. Scope of Assignment Extension Policy

The assignment extension policy applies to written assignments submitted through the assignment e-submission process and audio/video assignments. It excludes:

  • Group-work assignments
  • Other assignments where the unit Moodle site indicates that the extension policy cannot be applied. With such assignments, which would include quizzes, the Unit Moodle site will indicate if extensions are nevertheless available. If extensions are available, they fall outside the Assignment Extension Policy, and applications for extensions should be made to the School, not through AskUNE.

2. Student obligations

The School of Science and Technology regards time management as an important graduate attribute. All students have an obligation to submit their assignment on the due date.

3. Due date

The due date is the date stated on the unit Moodle site for the assessment task/s. Any changes to assessment tasks or due dates will be published on Moodle.

4. Method of submission

All assignments must be submitted via Moodle before 23:59 AEST/AEDT on the due date specified in your study guide. If for some technical reason this is impossible, written assignments should be emailed to the unit coordinator as evidence of the time you sought to submit the assignment. You will still need to later submit through the assignment e-submission process, so that the assignment can be checked by the plagiarism software, TurnItIn.

5. Extensions

If you are unable to meet the assignment deadlines, due to UNFORESEEN circumstances, you MUST submit an  application for an extension to the Unit Coordinator.

5.1 When to apply

Assignment extension applications should be submitted as early as possible (as soon as you know that you will not be able to finish the assignment in time) but at the latest by 23:59 (AEST/AEDT) of the original due date of the assignment.

Applicants who apply for an extension will be  able to see the outcome via the "My Moodle" page for the assignment.

5.2 Valid reasons for an extension

Acceptable reasons for an extension are:

  • Medical or mental health grounds
  • Unforeseen work commitments, e.g. work not part of usual duties, or that is unexpected or unavoidable
  • Other extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, e.g. death in the family, victim of crime.

The following circumstances are UNACCEPTABLE grounds for extensions:

  • Inability to have an assignment word processed by the due date
  • Other assignments due on or about the due date
  • Disk or ICT failure, unless publicly documented (ICT failure at the UNE server is treated at a global unit level by the School
  • Foreseeable work commitments

Please note: The School will take into consideration the applicant's history of making applications for assignment extensions and may reject an application.  Repeated applications for assignment extensions is an indication of not being able to cope with the workload.

5.3 Length of extensions

The School has a duty of care to ensure that the student will still be able to keep up with their study, assignment and examination preparation.  Therefore the normal maximum extension period is seven (7) consecutive days.  In extraordinary circumstances, the Course Coordinator may agree to a longer extension but this will require additional evidence about the student's ability to catch up with their work.

If a student is UNABLE to meet the extended deadline, they are encouraged to withdraw from the unit, as they will simply not be able to keep up with their studies. Applications for a withdrawal are made via AskUNE.

5.4 Supporting documentation required

You must provide a scanned copy of supporting documentation with your application for an extension.

If you do not have the documentation at the time when you make your application, you should include a note to this effect in your application. You should forward your documentation as soon as possible.

Please note that the School will not process your extension application until supporting documentation is received.

Table 1


Supporting documentation required


Medical or mental health grounds

Signed medical certificate stating:

  • the date on which the student was  examined; and
  • the doctor's opinion of the effect on the student's ability to complete the assignment and for how long the student has been or will be unwell; or

A copy of the Study Access Plan as advised by the Special Needs Office.

A medical certificate which merely states any of the following is unacceptable:

  • 'not fit for duty'; or
  • ‘suffering from a medical condition.'


Unforeseen work commitments (that is, work not part of usual duties, unexpected or unavoidable)

Signed letter from employer or supervisor

  • If self employed a statutory declaration must   be provided.


Other grounds - comprising extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, e.g. death in the family, victim of crime.

A statutory declaration completed by the applicant and/or other corroborative evidence, e.g. death notice, police report.

This does not include simply being too busy to meet the deadlines

6. Late Submission Penalty

Assessments that are received after the submission date or, where an extension has been granted, after the extended date, will be subject to a late submission penalty:

  • Assignments received after the due date or after the extended submission date, will be penalised at 5% per day for a default penalty period of 7 consecutive days. This 5% penalty will apply to the mark that would have been achieved unpenalised for every day past the due date (e.g. an assignment task that would have received a mark of 25 will be penalised by 1.25 marks per day that it is late).
  • If an assignment is received after the penalty period, then zero marks will be awarded.

If an extension is obtained for the final assignment, it is unlikely that the work will be returned before the examination period commences for that unit. It is University Policy that an extension will not be granted once the examination period has commenced. Students must then apply for a Special Extension of Time through AskUNE and attach appropriate documentation to support their application.

7. Special Extension of Time (SET)

A Student who has been prevented by illness or other unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances from completing any compulsory assessment task beyond any approved extensions noted in this policy may apply for a special extension of time.

Assignment Extension Important Points

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Updated on 21 August 2019