Program Themes:

Theme 1: Rural Crime

  •   Crime against pastoral, agricultural and aquaculture industries
  •   The infiltration of organised crime into agricultural industries
  •   Environmental crime and the law
  •   Biosecurity and food safety
  •   Cybercrime and agribusiness
  •   Property rights
  •   Mining and conflict in rural areas

Theme 2: Policing rural crime

  •   Challenges for policing rural crime
  •   The under-reporting of rural crime
  •   New innovations in crime prevention on farms
  •   Firearms legislation

Theme 3: The law and rural crime

  •   The efficacy of laws and policy relating to rural crime: What works?
  •   Legal practice in rural crime
  •   The challenges for the criminal justice system operating within rural areas
  •   Prosecuting rural crime cases
  •   Surveillance Technology and Forensic Evidence in Rural Crime
  •   Sentencing options in rural areas
  •   Prisons and Corrections in rural communities

Theme 4: Crime in rural communities

  •   Trends in rural Crime: spatial differences in crime rates
  •   Social change and crime in rural Australia
  •   Violence, domestic and family violence in rural Australia
  •   Drugs and alcohol in rural Australia
  •   Young people and crime in rural Australia
  •   Crime, Justice and Indigenous People
  •   Preventing crime in rural places
  •   Gaps in services