Call for papers

Call for papers

The inaugural ASEAN Animal Law Conference will commence discussions about the ethical treatment of animals in ASEAN member countries. the conference will examine the ethics, law and policy on animals in ASEAN, and also look to international comparisons to develop laws and regulations on best practices for animal welfare.

There will also be key sessions that focus on elephant law and policy in Asia in order to develop clear pathways for the implementation of laws, policies and strategies for the protection of the Asian elephant, including working and captive elephants.

Abstracts are sought on the following topics:

  • The legal and ethical relationship between humans and animals
  • The law on animals in tourism
  • The law on animals in agriculture
  • Companion animals law
  • The regulation of illegal wildlife trade

As well as the following specific elephant law and policy topics:

  • Captive, wild an working elephants
  • Climate change and habitat protection
  • Elephant tourism
  • Resolving human- elephant conflict

Presentations on other relevant animal law topics are also welcome.

Abstracts should be no more than 400 words and can be emailed to by 31 July 2018.