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Essential Guide for Studying Law Units
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Australian Guide to Legal Citation

Referencing and the Australian Guide to Legal Citation

Referencing is an essential academic skill. In law, referencing serves two purposes;

  • Referencing supports your arguments by giving appropriate legal authority (judicial decision or legislative provision); and
  • it also gives credit to the work of others that you have relied on in preparing your work.

Any work you submit for assessment must be referenced in accordance with UNE standards.The School of Law has adopted the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd ed), Melbourne University Law Review Association Inc., Melbourne, 2010, as the standard for referencing in law assessments.

You must refer to this text and reference in accordance with it. You may either buy it or access via the web site for the Melbourne University Law Review. Please note: electronic devices are not permitted in an examination room. Therefore, if you choose to purchase this text as an e-book, you will not be permitted to use it in an open book exam.

Exam Preparation Resources
Exam Preparation Resources 

There is now a variety of exam styles used across the School of Law. These are closed book, open book and take-home.

Nola Holmes, First Year Advisor for the School of Law and UNE Business School, has created some resources that may help you to prepare for your exams.

These resources are 'general' in nature and in no way replace unit-specific information you have received from your unit coordinator.

Closed Book Law Examinations: strategies and common problems

Open Book Law Examinations: strategies and common problems

Take Home Law Examinatiions: strategies and common problems

List of Law Exam Help Resources

Orientation to Law Workshops

The School of Law ran a pilot program of ‘orientation to law’ intensive workshops designed to assist first year law students with study and legal skills. Students enrolled in any first year unit in 2015 were invited to attend sessions in Parramatta, Melbourne and Brisbane in February and June 2015, two weeks prior to the beginning of teaching. Both the February and the June sessions were recorded and are available at the 2015 Law First Year Intensive School EchoCentre. Students will need to login with their UNE username and password for access.

Materials for the sessions are provided below.

Lecture Slides

Doctrine of Precedent (PDF, 162.91 KB);
Case Briefs (PDF, 319.85 KB);
Legislation (PDF, 76.61 KB);
Applying Law to Facts (PDF, 79.74 KB);
Effective Reading and Note-Taking (PDF, 622.03 KB)


Companion Animals Act (PDF, 0 KB);
Macquarie Council v Morris (PDF, 0 KB);
Borthwick article (PDF, 981.96 KB)

Writing for Law

Legal Writing Resources

This module contains information and activities to assist you to develop writing skills for your Law units at a very basic level. The activities are drawn from first year subjects. Information provided will assist you to develop your skills for other Law subjects.