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This LAW SKILLS HUB provides you with some centralised resources for basic skills required to be a ‘Law student’. They are conveniently grouped in categories – click on a heading below and you will access multiple layers of assistance from general summaries to videos, exercises, PowerPoint presentations, book and other extracts dealing with each of these Law Skills categories. Check out the internal links to make full use of additional information and interconnecting resources.

Australian Guide to Legal Citation

Referencing and the Australian Guide to Legal Citation

Referencing is an essential academic skill. In law, referencing serves two purposes;

  • Referencing supports your arguments by giving appropriate legal authority (judicial decision or legislative provision); and
  • it also gives credit to the work of others that you have relied on in preparing your work.

Any work you submit for assessment must be referenced in accordance with UNE standards.The School of Law has adopted the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed), Melbourne University Law Review Association Inc., Melbourne, 2018, as the standard for referencing in law assessments.

  • You should access more information online and the full version of the AGLC style at AGLC4.
  • You must also note AGLC4 Erratum/Authorised Corrections identified by the publisher and apply these to your use of AGLC4.

You must refer to this text and reference in accordance with it. You may either buy it or access via the web site for the Melbourne University Law Review. Please note: electronic devices are not permitted in an examination room. Therefore, if you choose to purchase this text as an e-book, you will not be permitted to use it in an open book exam.


UNE Law School’s Academic Integrity and Referencing Learning Instrument (AIRLI) is a self-guided learning tool that helps you learn the Law School's expectations about academic integrity and referencing. Completing AIRLI is mandatory for all students enrolled in units managed by UNE's Law School. You must complete AIRLI prior to submitting your next assignment.

AIRLI is in addition to the general UNE Academic Integrity Module (AIM) that all UNE students must complete.  You must complete both AIRLI and AIM before submitting any written assignments for law units.

Breaches of academic integrity are taken very seriously by all universities. Incorrect referencing is a common cause of academic misconduct. By completing AIRLI, you will have the skills and knowledge for maintaining academic integrity. And you will be well-equipped for every written assignment in your law degree.