Research Facilities

Organic Analysis LaboratoryOrganic Analysis Laboratory

Here we house the gas chromatograph mass spectrometers but also work with the School of Science and Technology on the  liquid chromatography mass spectrometer.   Typically we work on petroleum hydrocarbons, VOCs, PAHs, plant volatiles, pesticides and phospholipid fatty acids.

Environmental Analysis Research LaboratoryEARL Environmental Analysis Research Laboratory

The Environmental and Analytical Research Lab forms the heart of our inorganic analytical facilities. This includes analytical and processing facilities for standard physical and chemical soil characterization, as well as Inductively Coupled Plasma and microwave digestion facilities, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, Ion Chromotography, and automated colorimetric facilities.

Solid State AnalysisSolid State Analysis

Our equipment includes a JEOL-JSM-5800LV scanning electron microscope that can map sub-millimetre occurrence of heavy metals in soils and plants, and a VTOMEX GE micro-CAT scanner for in situ visualization of soil and root structure, and Bruker Tracer portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometers that can reduce contaminant analysis from days to seconds.


Our plant work is undertaken in our state of the art multi-million dollar glasshouse complex, which includes reconfigurable temperature and light duration experimental bays.

Potting shedPotting Shed

Our trials would not be possible without the new “potting shed” complex. This is our fully serviced storage, preparation and set up area. It allows space and ease for operation and prevents contamination of the instrumentation facilities.