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UNE unit code: ANCH313

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  • Armidale Campus
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Intensive Schools

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  • Yes
Credit points
  • 6

Unit information

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In 31BC Augustus emerged as the undisputed master of Rome, but the battle for the hearts and minds of Rome's citizens remained. This unit examines by what means Augustus brought about the reconstruction of Rome after nearly a century of civil war. Particular attention is paid to the language of leadership in the Triumviral Period (44-31BC), the mechanisms of power and persuasion used by Augustus to establish and maintain his Principate (31BC-AD14), the strategies by which he secured the cooperation or coercion of Roman society, and the visual and verbal language developed to express and legitimate the new order. The unit draws on a variety of ancient literary and archaeological evidence to illuminate Augustus' impact on Roman politics and society, and to assess his achievements.
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Combined Units

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Intensive schools

There are no intensive schools required for this unit.



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any 12cp or candidature in a postgraduate award

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ANCH413 or ANCH513



There are two options for Assessment 3. Students must complete either an Essay or a UNE Supervised Examination (paper-based or online). See assessment information for further details.

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Unit coordinator(s)

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Bronwyn HopwoodSenior Lecturer - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate broad and coherent theoretical understanding of Roman politics, leadership, and society in Triumviral and Augustan Rome, and of the differences in the political systems of these periods;
  2. independently research political and historical theories about Roman leadership, politics, and society in the Triumviral Period and Augustan Age, thereby demonstrating autonomy, well-developed judgement and responsibility as a learner;
  3. review critically, analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge about political leadership and the reconstruction of Roman society in the Triumviral Period and Augustan Age from both written and non-written primary and secondary sources with competence;
  4. demonstrate a broad understanding of the rhetoric of political leadership in Triumviral and Augustan Rome, reflect critically on the theory of Roman governance, and apply these concepts to the analysis of political interests, institutions, and political behaviour in these periods;
  5. generate and critically evaluate complex ideas and concepts about political leadership, governance, society and history in Triumviral and Augustan Rome, and especially about the political institutions, social structures, and verbal and visual languages used to establish Augustus' new political regime; and
  6. display well-developed writing skills through the communication of a clear, coherent, evidence-based written argument dealing with theoretical propositions and conclusions about political leadership and social reconstruction in the Triumviral and Augustan periods.

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