School of Psychology

The School of Psychology has a number of prizes which it awards each year funded by various donors. These prizes are a method of recognising outstanding performance by students of the University. The Terms and Conditions vary for each Prize and can be found below.

Prize Value Terms Current Recipient
Muriel Mary Snow Indigenous Honours Prize$1,500Awarded to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student enrolled in a fourth program in Psychology with a research component. Awarded at the end of February in the year in which the research is being undertaken. Preference will be given to candidates undertaking research in Counselling, Clinical or Social Psychology.Rowena Johnston
S Barratt Memorial Award in Psychology$500Awarded annually to a student in any faculty, if of sufficient merit, with the highest average grade, or in the event of two students having the same grade, the highest average mark, in six 300-level units in Psychology, including PSYC302, or their equivalent, and who enrols in PSYC401H in the following yearLeah Wood