Industry applications

AARSC is currently involved in collaborative projects that include a cross-section of industry bodies, government agencies and university partners. These multidisciplinary projects help industries navigate the various technologies available as well as develop new fit-for-purpose applications.

These capabilities provide data that is sufficiently granular and calibrated to be used for both farm and region-wide analysis, including:

  • Yield and quality forecasting and mapping.
  • Crop identification production area and extent.
  • Optimal planting and harvesting dates.
  • Biosecurity, plant health and stress detection.
  • Water use efficiency.
  • Nutrient use deficiency.

AARSC provides support for interpreting results agronomically, and ensuring their adoption on farm.

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"It is very high on the priority list for us to commercialise it [remote sensing technologies] and for the benefit of our growers too because there are so many positives for the industry."

Dr. Graeme Wright, Peanut Company of Australia (Manager of Breeding & Innovation)

"We have got very good data for the last four years and three out of the last four years provided an accuracy of 97 per cent or better."

Gavin Lerch, Bundaberg Sugar Grower Services

Farming applications and analytics