Maurice Kelly Lecture

The Maurice Kelly Lecture is presented each year by a distinguished researcher on invitation from the Museum of Antiquities.



Lecture Title

2017Craig BarkerThe Curator and the Cats:  A tale of two Cypriot exhibitions at the Nicholson Museum
2016Adam Brumm

"In the Spirit of Morwood: The Search for the origin of Homo floresiensis"

2015James DonaldsonReimagining Antiquity:  Lessons from the RD Milns Antiquities Museum


Stephen Bourke

J Basil Hennessy: the re-birth of Middle Eastern archaeology in Australia in the 1979s


Michael Turner

A very curious cabinet of curiosities: an exploration of some of the best, most bizarre and downright curious tales to be found in the largest collection of antiquities in the Southern Hemisphere:


June Ross

Australian rock art: a unique window to the past


Elizabeth Minchin

Breathing new life into Antiquities:
Reinterpreting the ANU Classics Collection

2010 Trevor Bryce A Tale of Two Cities: Troy and the Hittite Capital Hattusa
2009 Sharon Sullivan The Conservation and Management of Heritage Places
2008 David Frankel 1001 Tombs: Survey, Sampling and Ceramics in Bronze Age Cyprus
2007 Sophie Jensen Fear and Loathing in Public Spaces: Museums and Emotion
2006 Iain Davidson Getting Power from Old Bones: Some Mediterranean Museums and Their Importance
2005 Amareshwar Galla Museums as Civic Spaces
2004 Christiana Köhler The Cairo Museum Collection of Artefacts from Zaki Saad's Excavations at Helwan
2003 Janis Wilton Museums and Memory
2002 Jim Specht When the cause of science is not enough: New Guinea
2001 Jenny Webb Exploring The Bronze Age in Cyprus. Australian Perspectives
2000 Graham Connah Africa Revisited
1999 Greg Horsley The Rider God Steles at Burdur Museum in Turkey
1998 Mike Morwood Stone tools and fossil elephants: the archaeology of eastern Indonesia and its implications for Australia
1997 Boyo Ockinga The Armidale shabtis of Mery-Re: witnesses to ancient funerary beliefs