Orientation for International Students

Orientation for International Students takes place in the week before classes start and has three purposes:

  1. Introducing international students to the teaching and learning environment so that they become familiar with the campus, services available to students, and the key people who can assist them in their studies.
  2. Enrolment. Students are required to complete an online enrolment where they nominate the units they will undertake that year.
  3. Having fun! Activities across the University and Colleges offer opportunities for students to get together, overcome the nervousness that most people feel at being in a new environment, and make some new friends. There are often free giveaways and great deals from local businesses also during this time.

Orientation is compulsory and students who are unable to attend Orientation may experience delays in commencing study and being issued with a Student ID Card. If you are a research student please report to International Services upon your arrival for an orientation briefing.


There are two steps to gaining admission to UNE:

  1. Application and receipt of an offer of a place (see Admissions).
  2. Enrolment. Enrolling into a course means that the student has a confirmed place at UNE.

Before Arriving at UNE

At enrolment, students must know what subjects they wish to study in the first year of their course. Information about courses and individual subjects is available in the Course and Unit Catalogue.

When to Arrive

International students must ensure that they arrive at the University in time to attend International Orientation.


    1. Trimester 1 Orientation Friday 22 February 2019
    2. Trimester 2 Orientation Friday 5 July 2019
    3. Trimester 3 Orientation Thursday 31 October 2019

Refer to UNE Principal Dates for full details.