What we cover

All grievances and complaints will be lodged directly with, or forwarded to, the University's Student Grievance Unit to enable matters to be logged, maintained and addressed from a central point, in a consistent and timely manner. The Student Grievance Unit is the primary University unit for the recording and monitoring of all grievances and appeals, and for the investigation and resolution of grievances within its jurisdiction. 

The Student Grievance Unit does

  • Independently investigate complaints regarding:
    • students about students
    • students about their studies
    • university representatives about students
    • the general public about students
    • the general public about the university
    • students about the university, and 
    • issues related to a student's studies or relationship with the University of New England that may be causing a university representative, a student or a member of the public distress.
  • Assist to find a solution
  • Refer matters to alternative dispute resolution
  • Make decisions based on policy
  • Make decisions based on factual content
  • Make recommendations to university representatives authorised to determine cases and impose penalties
  • Refer matters to external agencies
  • Refer matters to university business units.