Domestic Students

The Scheme is designed to help students during the academic year to meet unexpected and unavoidable enrolment related expenses in circumstances which could not be fully anticipated upon enrolment or re-enrolment.  Assistance takes the form of a short-term interest free loan, subject to the regulations which govern the Scheme.  The regulations are summarised below.

1.         Eligibility for Assistance

An eligible applicant is one who for the current teaching period;

a)    is currently and actively enrolled as a full time (18 credit points) UNE student, completing an award course at the University. (Open Learning, miscellaneous and cross-institutional students are not eligible),

b)    has paid course related fees, and

c)    has demonstrated a genuine enrolment related need associated with continued study.

A student is not eligible for a loan if he or she;

a)    is within six weeks of completing the requirements of the current degree or award,

b)    has elected to pay HECS or UNE residential charges up-front,

c)    currently has a loan of the maximum amount payable,

d)    has not satisfactorily fulfilled the conditions of a prior loan, or

e)    has previously made a fraudulent declaration to the University.

2.         Purpose of Loans

Loans may be available for the purpose of personal education expenses directly related to the applicant's enrolment, eg:

a)    textbooks;

b)    start up rent or bond, (excluding Residential Colleges or Wright Village charges);

c)    bills (electricity, gas and heating fuels) which must be accompanied by evidence that an extension on payment cannot be obtained from the supplier;

d)    travel and accommodation expenses for compulsory residential schools in unforeseen circumstances which must be supported by evidence that an exemption from the school has been declined.

A loan is not available for the following purposes:

a)    HECS, Tuition or other enrolment related fees;

b)    other University charges eg: residential accommodation;

c)    consolidation of debts eg: other loan or credit card debts;

d)    telephone bills including mobile phone bills;

e)    computers unless extreme academic need exists;

f)     relocation expenses;

g)    travel or accommodation, (except as specified above);

h)    tax bills;

i)     car repairs, car registration or car insurance unless circumstances of extreme need exists, and

j)     repayments of loans to family or friends.

3.         Maximum Value of Loans

a)    The maximum loan available is $1000.00 per full-time student enrolled in 18 credit points or more in a standard teaching period.

b)    The Student Financial Assistance Officer has the authority to approve loans up to $500.00 per part time student in less than 18 credit points in a standard teaching period

c)     Loans to students in their first year of study will be limited to a maximum of $500.00.  Further loans will not normally be granted until this loan has been discharged.

d)    Applications in excess of $500.00 will require a guarantor.

4.         Application Fee

UNE does not charge application fees on loans that are granted to domestic students.

5.         Guarantor

An applicant for a loan in excess of $500.00 must provide the University with a Guarantor.  A guarantor will usually be;

a)      over 21 years of age,

b)      an Australian citizen or permanent resident, residing in Australia,

c)      a person with adequate financial resources,

d)      not a member of UNE staff,

e)      not a debtor with the University, or an enrolled student at an educational institution.

Guarantees must be signed and witnessed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace.

6.         Loan Advance

In most circumstances a loan advance for successful applicants will be paid by the University directly to the supplier e.g. If a student is purchasing new textbooks then payment would be made direct to the Campus Bookshop by the Financial Performance and Analytical Services (FPAS) Directorate.  Loan advances will only be paid via electronic funds transfer to the applicant's Australian bank account when direct payment to a supplier is not possible.

7.         Repayment

At the time of approving the application, a repayment schedule will be agreed between the University and the borrower.  This schedule will take into account the borrowers projected income and expenses, but the normal repayment period would not exceed 12 months.

Where a borrower, during the term of the loan, varies enrolment in such a way as would have him or her ineligible to apply for or to received a loan advance, the whole of the loan will become due for payment at the University's option.  Similarly, if any agreed interim instalment remains unpaid for more than 30 days after it becomes due, the whole of the loan will become due.  Liability for the Administrative Fee will be calculated at the revised final due date determined by the University.

8.         Agreement

At the time of receiving the loan advance, the borrower will acknowledge the loan, and make an agreement with the University which stipulates the terms and conditions of the loan, the obligations of the borrower and the University, the due dates for repayment of the loan, and any charges which will apply if the borrower is in default of the agreement.

9.         Administrative Fee

Each loan will attract and Administrative Fee of $125.00.  However, where the whole of the loan is repaid without default of the agreement, the University will waive the Administrative Fee in full.

10.        Recovery of Loans

Where a loan remains unpaid, the University will write to the student.  The student will be requested to contact the University to make arrangements for the repayment of the debt.  The University will provide financial counselling to assist the student in reaching an acceptable repayment schedule.  If no response is received with 21 days the student will be declared to be in default on their loan.

The University will commence formal debt recovery action when a student is deemed to have defaulted on a loan.  An interest surcharge of $25.00 plus 10% of the outstanding debt, or $100.00, whichever is the greatest, will be added to the debt.  The surcharge is not negotiable and once charged will not be reversed. Any additional costs associated with recovery will be charged to the student and will be payable by the student or their guarantor.

Recovery action, having been commenced, will not be withdrawn save by payment of the whole amount owing plus costs.

11.        Restriction of Services

Where a student is deemed to have defaulted on a loan, some or all of the following University Rules on student debts will be applied;

a)      withhold official notification of final results for any semester,

b)      withhold any official academic transcript,

c)      annotate academic record accordingly until debt is paid,

d)      refuse enrolment for a subsequent enrolment period, and

e)      withhold graduation.

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