What to bring to college

Getting ready to come to College is an exciting time. You will be contacted by your College with a personalised list of what to bring, however here is a list to get you started.

  • Your own computer or laptop
  • Ethernet cord - Colleges are wireless, however always great to have a backup!
  • Your chargers: Phone and Computer
  • Pens
  • Notebooks etc
Your Room
  • Linen (ie sheets, quilt/blankets, doona and pillow/s) - Your college will let you know what size bed you have
  • Towels  - we suggest pool and bath towels
  • Electronics: From a television to a bar fridge, anything that will make you feel more at home is acceptable (no electric blankets or heaters allowed). NOTE: ALL ELECTRONICS MUST BE TAGGED, Electrical items less than 12 months old don’t need to be tagged.
  • A Fan - the first few weeks in Armidale can still be warm, so a desk or stand fan is great for those warm nights.
  • A power board with surge control-only
  • Coat-hangers
  • Decorations: Posters, books, photos, a musical instrument or sports gear - anything that will make you feel like home (we are pro-bluetac!)
  • Clothes horse (maybe one that can hook over the back of your door?)
  • Maybe even a pot plant!
  • Warm and cool weather clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Some like to bring dress ups for events throughout the year - however its fun to shop for those with friends when you get here
  • Tissues
  • For males: a suit and some formal outfits. You will need to wear a suit at all formal dinners.
  • For females: dresses, cocktail dresses, playsuits (or pants if you don’t like dresses and skirts)
  • Sports gear
  • Washing basket and washing powder/liquid
  • Pegs
  • Make sure you have a hat and sunscreen and a reusable water bottle (we are all about reducing waste!)
  • Even if your college is catered for, we recommend bringing: Crockery (plates, cups, bowls, glasses etc.) and cutlery
  • Some tupperware for storing food in communal fridges
  • Cling wrap & aluminium foil
  • Cooking equipment if required (stirring spoons, spatulas, whisks, tongs, frypan etc.)
  • Tea and coffee if you like it
  • Cleaning equipment (sponge, Washing-Up liquid, tea towel)


  • Untagged electrical items over 12 months old, electric blankets or double adaptors. Contents of your room are not covered by College insurance. Check your parents’ insurance policy or an individual contents policy can be arranged through different companies.
  • No Pets. Only small fish are permitted.