Poultry Science


Poultry Science is taught as a component of the Bachelor of Rural Science and Bachelor of Agriculture as well as various certificate and diploma courses at UNE.  Apart from being included in the contents of introductory units, there are two specialist units in poultry science; one on production issues, and one on feed science and technology. The production unit is offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Why Study Poultry Science at UNE?

The University of New England is a national and world leader in poultry science, with excellent facilities for teaching and research into various areas of the subject.  Our key strengths are in nutrition, microbiology, calorimetry and digestive physiology.  Animal Health and Welfare is another poultry group which specialises in health.  We have excellent animal holding facilities ranging from mini-brooder rooms to semi-commercial houses for broiler and layer studies.  We are supported by excellent laboratories for nutrition, physiology and microbiology.  Students also have the opportunity of interacting with industry leaders, some of who come to teach into the Poultry CRC-funded unit on poultry production.


PLTY301/501 - Poultry Production


Students who have studied poultry science as part of their Bachelor degree curriculum, Masters or PhD degree are equipped to work as nutritionists, breeders, hatchery managers and production managers within the vibrant poultry industry in Australia and internationally. In addition, they are able to work as laboratory technicians and research assistants in research institutes. Some of our graduates are also key marketing advisers for allied industries that support the animal production sector.

Partnerships, Networks and Industry Links


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