Herbarium NE database

The specimen database of the N.C.W. Beadle Herbarium has its origin c. 1987 and has undergone at least six incarnations. The current database, launched at UNE 23 October 2012, is a completely new, online system developed with Intersect Australia Ltd.

Access to NEdb

Login to or request a login for the herbarium NE database here!

Soon we will deliver herbarium NE data to the Australia's Virtual Herbarium and Atlas of Living Australia projects, for public access to our data.

Guides to using the NEdb

In addition to the NEdb, there is a separate version of the database for use by students of UNE for herbarium assignments (Assignment Herbarium at UNE; UNE-AH). Some of the items presented here have been prepared using the UNE-AH, but apply equally to the NEdb and the appearance of the two databases is the same except for the name and the accession number code.

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