Special Topic in Psychology Research PSYC399

A supervised program of advanced study in psychological research. The special topics are tailored to meet the needs of individual students and can involve guided reading, project studies and field or laboratory investigations as appropriate. Estimated workload is 150 hours (6 credit points) including assignment preparation. Assessment is via one 5000-word written assignment. The unit has been designed for high performing students (see pre-requisites below). Enrolment is limited and is subject to pre-arranged supervisory consent from a member of the academic staff and approval of the Unit Coordinator and/or Convener of Psychology.

Full Description of PSYC399 in Unit catalogue.

Enrolment Procedure:
Students must obtain supervisory consent from an academic staff member in Psychology prior to enrolment (external supervisors are not permitted). Not all members of the academic staff will be available for supervision each trimester.

Step 1: Students should check to ensure they have met the unit prerequisites (see above) prior to arranging a supervisor.

Step 2: Start the enrolment process early so that your enrolment is this unit is approved and confirmed prior to the start of the trimester.

Step 3: Students should begin by contacting potential supervisors from the Academic Staff in Psychology to negotiate project details. It is important to note that each member of staff may only supervise up to 2 students, so enrolments will be very limited.

Step 4: Once an agreement with a supervisor has been obtained, students should download a copy of the Supervisory Consent Form. The student should then fill out the relevant section of the form and forward it to their supervisor, who will in turn complete their relevant section and forward to the Unit Coordinator.