Associate Professor Brian Wilson

Deputy Associate Dean, Research - Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law

Brian Wilson

Phone: +61 2 6773 3287



Brian is a soil scientist/ecologist.  He was awarded his PhD in Soil Science from the University of Reading (UK) in 1992 and since that time has developed a research program in the area of plant:soil interactions. Brian was a Senior Lecturer at University of Hertfordshire (UK) and then Senior Research Scientist with NSW State Government before joining UNE in 2010 in a position co-funded by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Recent research has focused particularly on soil carbon dynamics, storage and distribution; carbon storage in soil and vegetation systems across NSW; the effects of land-use change on soil carbon and soil health; soil condition indicators and monitoring techniques. Brian currently supervises a range of post-graduate students investigating soil carbon dynamics, distribution and modeling; the estimation and prediction of soil and biomass carbon through remote imagery and modelling, and the carbon storage potential of native vegetation systems. Inquiries from potential post-graduate students are always welcome.



Research Interests

Current Research Interests

  • Plant:soil interactions
  • Soil carbon/soil organic matter distribution and cycling
  • Management effects on soil carbon and soil condition
  • Measurement and estimation of soil carbon
  • Soil organic matter dynamics in native and restored systems
  • Organic amendments and soil condition

Current Research Projects

  • Temporal Variability of soil carbon (DAFF)
  • Soil carbon storage under Environmental Plantings (DAFF)
  • The importance of deep soil carbon (DAFF)
  • Mixed waste organic outputs: application to NSW soils (Environmental Trust)
  • High resolution estimation of biomass and soil carbon (Biomass Business: CRC for Spatial Information)


Refereed Publications


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